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Thread: Please help me save my car in dire distress i am going to lose it cincinnati area?

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2015-04-24 19:53:40
2015-04-24 20:05:29
If you didn't change anything and then it just stopped i would suspect the aem. I've gone through a few boxes myself. it really sucks they don't repair them anymore.

But since you said stat sync is on its really weird you don't have spark. although since you replaced the cam/crank sensor did you log (s tooth) and pick out the new number? it might be different.
2015-04-24 21:27:57
You need to check the ignitor plug and do a continuity test from the top of the plug to say 3" behinde it. Could be a wire broken in the sheeth right at that point. Had that happen to my car, lost spark car wouldn't start. Only clue I got was weak ignition signal from the ecu. With the FSM I did the steps to find the problem with that code and bing that was the problem. The wire looked funny but it was broken inside the sheeth.
2015-04-25 00:55:49
yep aem ems is bad went up to the shop today to got confirmation, i think i am going to go with nismotronics for right now and then maybe something down the road.

i had the aem v.1 vox for a little over 10 years so thats actually pretty good even though it suck that it went.

the shop was telling me a little bit about the nismotronics they can do all the install wiring, and dyno tuning which is good. i could never get my aem to idle good no matter what even though it made really good power it always idled badly. they said with the nismotronics it will have the car act like s normal car and not like a wacked out engine.
2015-04-25 03:36:24
Nismotronic ftw
2015-04-25 04:20:51
i am kinda of eager what a new tune and a new system will do, the aem ems made 322whp and 313wtq at 21psi, im looking to run 24psi, the aem ems was pretty ruch in my power band where i probably would have made a decent ammount more of power, albeit, that 312 on the highway was fun haha.

ay this point i just want it back and running and running right
2015-04-27 11:42:22
if you changed the dizzy... did you resync the timing?
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