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Thread: Please help me save my car in dire distress i am going to lose it cincinnati area?

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2015-04-04 22:11:34
Please help me save my car in dire distress i am going to lose it cincinnati area?
I have to move in 30 days period i need to get this car up and running i an in distress over this, i am trying to do everything i can to get this car going but i am getting stonewalled at every entrence i am going nuts, if i dont get this car running i am possibly going to lose it, i have nowhere to store it!

I compression checked it dry and wet and got good results across the board

i checked the timing it is spot on so no jumping timing

i am getting fuel

i am holding fuel pressure

i am getting oil pressure when cranking

car cranks over just fine no odd noises or anything like that

car is not leaking anything

this is where i am getting a HUGE ISSUE::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

the car is running aem ems V.1 it has and always has ran perfect with no issues however.

i am getting no spark:

i bought a new distributor no dice

i bought a new coil no dice

i bought a new ignition coil module no dice

i get no spark from the coil at all whatsoever from the coil with all i have replaced

i have went into the aem ems and looked at all the sensors and every sensor is fine.

i looked at all fuses and all fuses are fine none are blown

i am at a complete loss here please can someone help me is anyone in cincinnati help me or over the net help me i need help extremely bad please help me please
2015-04-04 22:53:43
Just a thought, try and password you tune or make a new password. You might be locked out???

Besides that..... The stock ecu wont give fuel or spark with no crank signal (dist) BUT you are getting fuel... I wonder if the AEM operates the same?? Can you verify some sort of crank signal?
I have never used a AEM ecu so I'm not much help, but what about crank signal relearn etc.. Phase?

Possible broken/bad wire at ignition coil transistor thing? This is common

sorry this is all I got..
2015-04-04 23:10:32
i can confirm the sync stat and crank stat work.

the car was working just fine and then it started to make popping and backfiring noising i was assuming that was the camshaft position sensor so i replaced the distributor, that didnt help,

the tune was running just fine though, i dont have a stock ecu to try. i def think that the problem is the coil and the coil control module module not working nor producing spark however i am at just at odds with figuring out what to, i feel like if i was getting spark the car would run per i am getting everything else but i am not so i am screwed.

and i really dont want to mess with the tune per it hasnt given me any troubles .
2015-04-05 15:02:29
Please help me save my car in dire distress i am going to lose it cincinnati area?
Maybe a ground issue? Go through every single plug and unplug them and re-plug them back in? I too am unfamiliar with AEM setups but I know that it could just be the simplest of things...if all else fails have it towed or get some buddies together to push it to your new place?

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2015-04-05 16:38:00
If you have a multimeter, you can check for the ignition signal from the ecu to the transistor. Set the meter on ac and you should measure like 2.4-2.6 v or so. This is vrms so you won't see peak voltage. Otherwise those troubleshooting those signals will require an oscilloscope.
2015-04-05 16:39:57
Also check or replace the condensor. This is actually a 4.7uf capacitor. And be sure to check the resistor built into the harness. Along with ohming out the wires going from the distributor to the ecm, this should about.cover the ignition side of things.
2015-04-06 12:02:02
AEM's phone tech support should have some way for you to determine if the ECU itself has fried the internal ignition driver(s). You could at least rule out that cause...
2015-04-06 13:25:41
sounds like a ground issue. I would also reload the map on the ems. the v1's can do odd things.
2015-04-24 09:35:17
I had a similar issue with my u12. It turned out being the plug near the relay, front side of the wheel arch, Passenger side, drivers for you.
I just sprayed it with degreaser and contact cleaner .
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2015-04-24 19:41:39
well i took it to a local speed shop, they have had it for 2 weeks now, and havent yet to find out what what problem is,i have nowhere to take my car if they dont figure this out i have no clure what i am going to do i am at a complete loss.
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