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Thread: My pulsar gtir sr20ve-t build

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2016-09-29 13:05:11
2017-01-15 02:37:22
Any updates?
2017-01-19 23:28:23
I have a few updates,I changed the ecu to a haltech platinum 1000 pnp... I really like it, only issue is the logs are jumbled and it would be a lot of work to get the csv files in order to run a virtual dyno ........ but at 11.6 afrs the fic 1150 are at 72 % duty cycle along with a 750cc water meth jet in the top of 2nd gear at around 8000 rpm redline is 8500, full boost is 5200 rpm and positive pressure happens around 3800 or so according to the haltech logs. My msd coil died last night so we were unable to finish tuning the car, might be adding some k20 coils and ill be putting the exhaust back to the rear the side exit does not seem to provide a significant advantage at my power level.
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2017-01-20 00:10:37
time for some vag coil on plugs
2017-02-11 14:17:07
Made more changes
So I decided I wanted to make the car more streetable ....changed my manifold again in attempts to get my ac back in .



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2017-05-19 18:01:14
Few small updates,I am now running k20 coil packs and I managed 7.52 @ 100mph in the 1/8th mile @ 22psi... on sunoco 260gt 104 fuel. will add some pics later. The deceptive site warning was keeping me at bay. I am hoping to improve that 1/8th mile time by warming my tyres better and improving my 1.8 60 ft.
2017-05-20 15:35:26

Before coil packs and clean.

my best time slip

race shots
2017-05-25 21:50:23
ordered an xessive plenum from gspec and ford 75mm tb (thanks for the input @ victor mercado). Anybody has a before and after with an xessive on a boosted car ? Would be interested to see some gains.
2017-09-03 17:28:48
So with the plenum I only managed to remove 1/10th from my best time 7.45 @ 100mph the big concern however was i did 7.4 @ 100 mph 3 times @ 22 28 & 30psi. it was a hot day so i asked some of the other guys about inlet temps mine was the average. My guys suggested that the .63 turbine housing on the 6265 could be choking, but even with the .63 the turbo should support 680-700hp ...which i cant be because 100mph in the 1/8th does not reflect that. In a practice pass one of the clamps on my turbo intake broke and the car sucked in the silicone hose and lost power I then noticed all of the other guys in my bracket were using 4" intakes. I hope that the larger turbo intake helps me ........any input on the .63 turbine end being to small.
2018-07-20 21:56:30
3 years later , I am still at it I ended 2017 with a best time of 7.1 @ 105 mph in the 1/8th mile @ 29.4 psi . I changed my back end from .63 to .82. I also added n1 cams,a mild port job and returned to a side exit system but this time a 4" system rather than a 3" system and we increased the redline to 9500. At the beginning of this race season my turbo failed due to carelessness, so i upgraded to ct4 6765 , t4 .81 , and we got rid of the pnp haltech jumper and the 25yr old harness and did a custom harness, other changes include -8 lines and 1650 fic injectors and an external aem400 lph bosch style pump and i will be using torco 108 instead of the sunoco 104. I also have a gearbox swap plan in the works for 2019 . I am glad to see the forum is back. I was wondering if anyone has any input on the limits if the stock ve oil pump is 9500 safe? When should I be concerned about eagle rods failing ?
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