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Thread: My pulsar gtir sr20ve-t build

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2016-07-16 02:38:35
So allot of ups and downs the last few days, we got the car finished and the first start went well,[img][URL=http://s1221.photobucket.com/user/jdmsentra/media/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG-20160713-WA0100.jpg.html][IMG]http://i1221.photobucket.com/albums/dd470/jdmsentra/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG-20160713-WA0100.jpg[/img][/URL][/IMG]

As we were driving the car home a short distance away from the bat cave, we pulled into the gas station and the car refused to start after we turned it off to add petrol. We pushed the car from the pump a friend who was in the area provided transportation back to the bat cave and the ecu was wiped and the map reloaded, the car started on the first swing and I drove home. Yesterday I woke up checked all my fluids checked for leaks and all was well, I decided to drive the car to work get the work in kms out of the way.I made two stops on the second stop the car did not start on the first swing, nor on the second on the 3rd swing I saw smoke coming from the ecu from the main board section........... I jump out disconnected the battery and went to work after work I got a tow truck home. This morning I pulled out the ecu opened it and had a peep something was burnt on the board not being electrically inclined in anyway I waited for the Calvary to arrive. We pulled out the harness ( I had a clean spare harness) and a nemu rt ecu was installed .... On the positive side first driving impressions were good the car felt very strong and willing i have not been over 3000 rpm but the engine and box feel good the comp makes allot a similar whistling noises like the borgwarner and the sr16 cams help allot with noise, will update when we are driving again.
2016-07-26 02:08:20
I really like the nemu it is nice stuff, easy to work with, the injectors were duds the were resized items from an audi and we had a lot of issues controlling them, swapped them out for a set of msd 780s to get some break in miles done, I ordered a set of fic 1150cc old metal body type. The car has 90kms on it now and the worse seems behind.
Drove the car to work this evening, I will clean it after 150kms
will put on exhaust tomorrow if time allows
exhaust is really no rush the sr16 cams are so quiet.
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2016-07-26 18:42:46
Nice build.

You will really like the FIC injectors. The latency matching as well as flow matching of sets is what makes using them so easy.
2016-07-26 21:14:55
Originally Posted by D-Unit121
Nice build.

You will really like the FIC injectors. The latency matching as well as flow matching of sets is what makes using them so easy.

Good to know thanks. I should have them by this weekend
2016-07-31 13:18:27
so I was driving going over a hill I suddenly had no drive and a whining noise, could select all the gears but no drive,I am a little disappointed that I have to lift the motor out again but I am not phased, there is a loud rattle when the clutch is pushed in and the car is in neutral, we suspect something happened to the clutch will post pics when we drop the engine and box.
2016-08-13 15:20:24
So I pulled the engine and box yesterday. The clutch is the culprit

I didn't know that solid hub clutches give these issues, until it was pointed out to me by another forum member. Ill order a clutchnet 4 puck sprung as the springs are encased
2016-09-05 23:55:09
I have had the clutch for almost two weeks but I have not had the time to work on the car hopefully this weekend the opportunity will arise.



Hopefully this resolves the drive line woes, it is going in with the act xtreme pp.
2016-09-10 05:44:53
Awesome build bro, keep them updates coming
2016-09-25 13:27:42
So we put the engine and box back in the car, the 4 puck sprung clutch is so much smoother to use, I think I am a clutch net guy from here on out. It so much easier to manipulate it makes driving so much more fun and the 4 puck is not as grabby as i assumed it would be.


we made an adjustment to the screamer pipe again ..lol this is the 3rd time it now sits in front of the turbo


So some new tyres and an oil change and the car will be tuned to waste gate pressure which is around 14psi.
will share the results when I am finished.

once I do not get anymore unforeseen setbacks, it will be to the body shop next year and some new suspension, and some 1/8 mile and 1/4 mile slips
2016-09-28 23:21:02
wrap that wastegate screamer pipe shit gets hot and looks close to the radiator hose
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