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Thread: My pulsar gtir sr20ve-t build

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2015-04-22 03:20:43
^^^^ no problem bro
2015-04-25 16:06:30
So we made some changes, I rotated the screamer and wastegate. The screamer pipe ran in front of the front gearbox mount, under the original battery position, I had intended to run a filter directly over the turbo for normal use and run it open for racing, however when the car was idling in the garage the air intake temps jumped from 29* to 38* as soon as the pusher fan came on. The air filter was warm to touch. so the screamer had to move in order for me to run an intake to prevent the turbo from sucking in all that warm air. The turbo inlet is 4" but that is mainly due to the anti surge area, I decided I would use a 4"to 3" reducer and 3" pipe.(no 4" aluminum bends on the island as far as i know) We first made the intake buy cutting an aluminum U bend in half 90 to the turbo the other 90 in the opposite direction to the battery area and a k&N cone filter. I drove the car a few hrs later and noticed a change in throttle response and a drop in afrs car would cruise in the 17s now it was cruising in the 15s. So I took off the filter and rotated the top 90 bend to a space between the radiator and light house panel behind the front grille. Drove the car and it feels better and afrs are back where they use to be. A few of my friends told me they think the 3" is to small and would cause restriction and they feel 4" should be used. I blame the air filter, anybody has any input?
Pics will come later today.
2015-04-25 16:22:14
Double post
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2015-04-29 10:37:50
Images as promised late but delivered

Old wastegate dump tube position


New wastegate dump tube position


Intake with filter on that did not feel to good, looked good however


Incomplete intake number 2



I plan to add a velocity stack at the end, may cut a neat hole in the grille and have it peeping out or just leave it behind the grille haven't decided as yet, my two concerns would be my daughter dropping something in the pretty hole or some random person with bad intentions dropping something in there if i put it through the grille, if i don't put it through the grille I am wondering if turbulence from the grille design will negate the velocity stacks advantage. What do you guys think?

Gave the car a wash

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2015-05-01 03:12:21
do you just leave off the front cross brace and torque mount?
2015-05-01 19:19:09
Yes, all the other mounts are very firm the engine doesn't move.
2015-05-01 19:34:55
Excellent. Was having trouble fitting mine with piping etc. You been driving like that long?
2015-05-02 19:16:00
yes for the past 2 yrs, and on my first pulsar two years as well, allot of the guys here end up moving them for room, you can remove yours with confidence.
2015-05-15 08:00:17
Any gearbox upgrades or problems?
2015-05-15 16:31:10
Originally Posted by dagosr
Any gearbox upgrades or problems?

Currently the box needs to be rebuilt, its seems to be the first motion bearing rattling, but I haven't had any problems or breakages and I doubt this box was ever refreshed since 1993.
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