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Thread: GTi-R question

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2008-06-25 19:24:39
GTi-R question
i wanna know if its possible to install sr16 n1 cams in a GTi-R motor. and if its not is it possible to put a sr20ve head with sr16 n1 cams. if this is possible what would be the out come.

2008-06-25 19:51:44
1) You can, but it will tear up your head. Research the R before buying one. It's not like the other SRs.

2) Are you asking if you can put n1 cams in a VE head? Um, yes. The outcome is well documented.

Here, this link can help a lot: Click me
2008-06-25 20:18:50
yea sry about that i found out the answer to my own questions....lol what a dumb ass i am
2008-06-26 22:27:12
im guessing you mean put a 20VE head on the GTiR bottom then put some N1 cams in? yes you can but i hope you have a whopping turbo to go with it along with other goodies
2008-06-27 22:47:19
^^yea thats wat i mean but why do you need a big turbo for?
2008-06-28 01:33:39
A VE head is not just a bolt on thing for the GTi-R (or any DE), you have to bore out the head stud holes on the VE and tap the oil paths for it on the head and block. Once your past the "mating" of the two, you now have a head that breaths better then the R's. So, a bigger turbo is better for the application. Not that the stock R t28 is bad, but a GT30R or larger would be much better suited for the setup.

That is all in my opinion, btw. I'm sure others feel the same, though many might say a disco will be enough. Some might also say that the n1 cams are not a good mix for the turbo application, due to the duration and the fact they are made for N/A applications. But my knowledge in that field is limited.

However, if you are looking for a good head/cam combination you could also spend the cash on getting the R's head P&P and flowed and match it with some proven cams ment for the turboed R. You could go with either Piper, Kent, or JWT. All have made cams each proven for the application and made specially for the R. Just food for thought. The R head breaths better then the other DE's and DET's, but not quite as well as a VE's. But a well worked R head can get some damn good flow.
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