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Thread: Need some help on a few things.

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2008-06-25 07:35:32
Need some help on a few things.
I have a 99 SE-L.

First off, I'm going to be running a blow thru setup. I know where the MAF and BOV go before the TB so don't tell me that, cuz thats all I found when I searched. I'm a little confused on what vacuum/boost? lines I need to be running. I know I need the IAC, but is that it? I'm confused on where the wastegate line and BOV line go. Some say the wastegate goes to the intercooler piping and some say the manifold/TB. Really confused on that part. If so on the manifold, where at? Does anyone have a diagram of a Lowport for this, I've seen the one for the highport, but not sure if there the same. And for the boost gauge, I heard just T it into the BOV line, is that correct? And I might just put the filter on the turbo since I don't know if I'll have much room for a intake pipe.

Second issue, I really want to get rid of the 98-99 Intake Manifold. I absolutely HATE it! I have tried to search both forums for info, but just can't seem to find it. Since Jim Wolf's site says to unplug the Cyborg thing on top anyways I just want to remove it all together. If I switch to the older one, Do I need the sensors from that? or are they the same sensors just that thing added?

Thanks for the help!
2008-06-30 05:20:10
i wouldnt T off the bov line for the boost gauge, some bov are very tempermental and they wont work right with it T off, i had my greddy like that and it effected the response of the valve opening.

i have my wategate line goin to the intake manifold,and the bov line going to the throttle body, i would run a separate line to the throttle body for the boost gauge.

but the easiest way is to buy a vacuum manifold, it has multiple ports where you can hook everythnig up that is vacuum related off of 1 larger vacuum source, thats what im going to do.

depending on your setup if you run the wasteate line to the turbo itwill effect the valve and response on the wastegate spring and will not fully open giving you 100% boost pressure ie: if you have a 10lb spring and run it like that you will see around 8lbs
2008-06-30 05:43:47
Eh I duno, I don't wanna buy that vacuum manifold, I know theres enough spots for everything.
And theres a outlet pipe that ATP sells that is pretty much a flat flange with 2"pipe and a spot taped for a vacuum line, which I'm thinking about getting. And just having the IACV running to the intercooler piping and thats it.

And is there any preference to where the boost gauge or BOV line goes like, TB or Manifold? Does it matter?

2008-06-30 16:29:59
throttle body for the bov and manifold for the boost gauge
2008-06-30 17:02:38
If u want you can grab a 3 way 3/16" tee from any hood of a car in the junkyard for the windshield washer. I've found that works well as a tee for boost/vac lines.

For the boost gauge u can tie to any source post tb. I tied into the fpr line since that's directly off the manifold.

Bov anywhere post tb....

The wastgate can be teed on any source that sees boost... aka pre tb... no need for vac. The stock location is right before the tb, but some tap right off the compressor housing to keep the line as short as possible. A lot of stock comp housings have bosses there for tapping, I know the t25 does for sure. My waste gate line is tapped into the compressor outlet. Same as the atp outlet pipe your talking about but it doesn't see vacuum like you said, it only sees pressure.
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