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Thread: B15 Swap SR20DET - Camshaft upgrade

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2014-12-22 14:13:13
B15 Swap SR20DET - Camshaft upgrade

A good friend of mine recently has upgraded his motor into a SR20DET Avenir, stock turbo with front intercooler.
We're looking for some upgrades like Nismotronic SA, dual valve springs and other stuffs like exhaust manifold.

My friend wants to upgrade the camshafts, this car is prepared for track and not for quarter or half mile. We don't know what cams will be efective in the low/mid range, every opinion will be considered.

Front and rear strutbars
Skyline front calipers
Spec-V rear brakes (bigger size rotor)
3" exhaust

We don't know what cams will be efective in the low/mid range, every opinion will be considered.
2014-12-22 14:28:02
S4s cams or bust!!!!!!
2014-12-22 18:37:18
i'd def start with the nismotronic..

with that t25 an stock cams the car should already have a good low/mid range..
2014-12-23 13:10:14
Ok, got it.
What kind of upgrades can do to the head?, dual valve springs plus titanium retainers?, S4 cams?, headgasket?.
2014-12-23 16:33:37
S4 cams FTW. I would leave everything else on the head stock. I had S4 cams with rev limiter set to 8000rpm for over a year with no problems(with a bigger turbo than the T25)...
With a stock T25 S4 cams revving to 7500 should do the trick
2014-12-23 16:50:05
Brian Crower Cams Stage 3 272 Spec Nissan SR20DE DET s13 BC0202 | eBay

Those are a S3 Cams from BC, can't find S4 cams for now.
In that link BC recomends BC0200 spring and retainers kit.
2014-12-23 18:38:53
Not sure those would be the best option for low/midrange power
2014-12-24 22:50:00
When they say S4 cams they mean the JWT ones..S4 is just the model name
2014-12-25 18:18:46
What kinda power can u expect from s4s.....I know they are the best drop in turbo cam but I've yet to see a before and after dump graph.
2014-12-26 01:28:21
S4 cams would shift the power band higher in the rpm. In addition to making more power
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