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Thread: highport intake mani for boost.....whats our options?!?

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2014-12-15 17:23:14
highport intake mani for boost.....whats our options?!?
Saw this thread for the NA ve section so I thought I'd ask for us boosted highport guys....which I don't think is many anymore lol. Share what you can...thanks
2014-12-15 17:25:22
GTi-R manifold, re-drill the bottom two, outer-most holes, have fun with vacuum lines?

Turbo manifolds are easy.
2014-12-15 18:09:18
I was meaning more like a aftermarket or o2 induction type. Aside from Doug and and Matt
2015-01-03 15:52:28
Im running a daveracer o2 induction type intake on my b13
2015-01-03 18:09:26
I've got an o2 intake manifold but i'm not familiar with a " daveracer o2 induction type intake". What is that?
2015-01-03 22:41:44

sheet metal intake manifold similar to the o2 induction but built by daveracer
2015-01-03 22:43:27

Very dirty. My engine is torn down so this has been sitting for a little bit but getting cleaned up
2015-01-04 00:26:34
dougfab? gato performance?
2015-01-04 01:17:13
hey i didnt know @daveracer made intake manifolds?? lol
2015-01-04 01:30:57
I didn't make that buddy..,...maybe he bought off me? I've had a few intakes in the past.
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