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Thread: RE4F03B Automatic with shift kit and Turbo = Success!

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2014-12-28 06:26:27
It's back on the road again! My brother came over and we got everything worked out so we could re-tune. Also had to steal the wideband off my VET car because of a power steering leak got into the wideband sensor... Was quite a bit different tuning the car. Now that it has 4x 306cc (primary stock) and 4x 440cc (secondary) the FIC6 can only control 4 with the fuel table. so we used the maf table to correct the fueling for the primary injectors and the fuel table for the secondary's. We only tuned for about 45 mins but it's already smoother than before. The throttle response is much better taking off from a dead stop with no stutter at all. Seems to have more power down low when taking off also but could be the really cold weather....
2015-01-01 21:31:56
Happy new year! Drove the G to Oklahoma to the casinos new years eve. Didn't win anything Plans for the auto this year is to turn up the boost and more fine tuning. Thinking of running 12-14 PSI and see how she shifts. Getting real close to 8,000 miles now.
2015-01-16 03:20:55
Woot woot - 8000 miles now! Still going strong. It has actually hit 9.5psi on the really cold mornings.

Was thinking about the VE guys saying the autos not lasting long and what Snickers said about high RPM. Maybe that's part of the reason the RR works so good only having a 6750 RPM redline.
2015-01-29 17:33:08
The transmission fluid line to radiator (pass side) rubbed the charge pipe and started leaking again.... Third time this has happened so I took the compression nipple fitting off of the radiator, drilled the fitting to accept 1/4" aluminum line, flared and bent a solid line to the transmission banjo hard line and coupled it with a piece of rubber line. The radiator nipple was a 45 degree flare if anyone needs to do this.

Other than that she is still truckin' closer to 9k miles....
2015-02-27 15:19:31
I just noticed that she broke 9,000 miles today. Another 975 and I'll be happy

Auto haters gonna hate

The only other changes have been interior stuff. Put in a 2012 Sentra radio and LED modded it with blue lighting.

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2015-02-27 20:08:32
I like that radio install.
2015-02-27 20:18:09
very nice radio mod
2015-03-09 00:42:08
Well the car only needs 800 miles to hit the 10,000 mile mark since we built the car. I decided to finish it in style and up the boost. I rewired with a FIC8 that has boost by RPM. It's running 12-13psi now I'll have to get a datalog to see exact pressure. Has a little bit of boost fall off in certain gears, but I like it to fall at the tail end before the shift.

FIC8 and boost control added @ 144,444 miles

A little video my brother shot while we were tuning and playing Saturday.
2015-04-01 02:27:14
Just broke the 10k mile mark!! Can't believe it's almost been a year since we finished the car.

2015-05-18 15:30:26
Well the transmission is almost at 11,000 miles and still going strong. We took it up to a track event with the VET car and it ran a 14.8 quarter mile??? (Pulled a 14.5 on 9psi last time) Was running 3-4 lbs more boost and got a horrible time slip. Got it in the garage and found a locked up rear caliper and a couple nuts came loose on the downpipe causing an exhaust leak... To be honest I haven't done any maintenance or work besides the turbo kit and patching up the front body damage a year ago. So while I was putting $20 in brakes on and a part car caliper I saw my old GT28 turbo laying around and decided to go ahead and whip up a manifold for a 3" intake and EGR tube. The BB T25 is great but maxed out @ 12-13psi and falling off in places.

So the setup will be:
Tubular GTIR tilted for 3" compressor, Tial MVS flange and EGR bung
GT28 Journal bearing 2871 @ 14psi
Tial MVS 38mm 14psi - dump to atmosphere
3" Downpipe
3" Hiflow cat

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