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Thread: RE4F03B Automatic with shift kit and Turbo = Success!

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2014-11-27 01:12:40
That's crazy. Was it a RE4F03A/RE4F03B/RE4F03W or an older series transmission?
2014-11-27 23:39:57
Originally Posted by Y2KG20
That's crazy. Was it a RE4F03A/RE4F03B/RE4F03W or an older series transmission?

RL4F03V (LSD) - Still had a manual kick down. The car was wired back to OBD1 to run this trans and avoid have issues with the TCM that is required in the RE4F03_ transmissions.
2014-12-02 04:33:20
12-1-2014 -

6000 miles and still kickin'
2014-12-09 03:23:16
More plans for the Auto 32bit car to make it better and faster. I only have two little problems bugging me and I want this car to feel and drive like a stock car. #1 - Still will get a MAF code if I get in it hard and let out quick. It's hard to get it to do this but will happen sometimes. I think it's because I have the BOV way too close to the MAF... #2 with larger injectors and the FIC6 I can rescale the fuel map for the 440cc injectors but it can't control them at idle well. Falls on it's face a little when taking off from a stop. Other than those two things the 32bit RR computer works great.

So we are taking a spare upper intake manifold and welding in 4x more fuel injector bungs and making a custom length fuel rail so we can run 2 sets of factory injectors. The car originally ran excellent on the factory injectors and 6-7ish PSI but we needed more fuel for more boost. 2 x sets of factory injectors equals about 610cc so we have plenty of injector for the BB T25. We are also adding a manual boost control while we are in there so we can start turning it up when we get to that...

Guess I'm just picky
2014-12-10 15:15:49
Sometimes in life you have to go against the odds. I like the idea of trying new things.
2014-12-10 20:38:57
Life of a pioneer But to be honest I have seen several dual injector per cylinder cars before, Probably the first on a 32bit RR car tho...
2014-12-11 16:29:01
I think this build is bad ass. It goes against the status quo. Its like a volvo but with more style. Keep pushing the boundaries.
2014-12-11 17:09:47
Originally Posted by Agent
I think this build is bad ass. It goes against the status quo. Its like a volvo but with more style. Keep pushing the boundaries.

It's funny you said that, I lent the car to a good friend of mine while his truck was down and he put 1400 miles on it in 3 weeks. He used to have a turbo T5 Volvo automatic He fell in love with the car and has been looking for one since. He also said this car smokes the Volvo big time and he was running 14psi vs the 9psi on the G20.
2014-12-11 19:30:35
A link to a really cool Evo dual injector intake:

Driven Innovations 8 Injector Intake Manifold (Evo 8 / 9) - MAPerformance
2014-12-13 22:39:17
RE4F03B Automatic with shift kit and Turbo = Success!
Hey @Y2KG20
Signed up at g20.net trying to nab your brain but it's been 4 days an the mods haven't cleared me to post yet.
Anyways I have a 93 ser automatic with the RE4F03V and it's got a weird 2nd gear issue. Sometime it shifts, sometimes it skips 2nd and if you really get into it the car runs 1st all the way to redline an will just peg the rev limiter until you let off the gas and then it shifts to 2nd then immediately to 3rd. It's only on the upshift from 1st though as if it kicks down from 3rd or 4th it'll snag 2nd and run like a raped ape and shift normally after that.

I've been contemplating the transgo HD2 but seems your the only one on the net that has used it, or at least posted about it.

What's your impressions on the shift kit? Is it suitable for heavy stop go traffic? Also I'm not planning on boosting my car I may just do some bolt ons or very least a stockish neovvl. That won't push the power of a turbo so the trans should take the extra power with the line pressure being boosted.

Everyone says swap to 5 speed but honestly I just want a nice DD with some tasteful mods to make it a little fun and be super reliable. The car is a 1 owner cream puff so I'd like to not hack it all up. Plus I just had brand new axles installed 2 months ago.

I work on heavy duty trucks all day when I get off work and stuck in my 1 1/2 hr ride home traffic I'd rather not spend all my time clutching and shifting.

In your opinion would the shift kit improve the trans or kill it? It had 146k when I got it and now has 157k in almost 4 months. It hasn't got any worse nor better. The fluid was changed, filter changed, etc.

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