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Thread: RE4F03B Automatic with shift kit and Turbo = Success!

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2015-12-14 20:32:49
What's your procedure for engine break-in? Curious how to get optimal cut-in on new rings

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2015-12-14 22:35:43
I just used cheap standard oil and will drive it normal as possible for a tank of gas. Then change the oil, do a compression and leak down check. After that I'll feel safe to beat on it some more. Pretty sure I'm going to throw the GTX2867 on around Christmas time, I really miss having a ball bearing smaller compressor on this car.
2015-12-17 21:20:52
So far 120 miles and no smoking and the oil is still so clear that it's hard to read on the stick. It's just starting to turn golden brown and the oil level hasn't dropped. I would safely say it was all oil control rings and out of spec compression rings giving me the problems. I have been playing around 10-12psi bursts here and there and it runs great just a little lean now.
2015-12-17 22:58:07
I'll admit I was one of the skeptics that the automatic would last while turbocharged. This just shows how strong the auto transmission is and with a properly planned build it can last

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2016-02-07 21:29:20
This is what happens when Infiniti's try to swim.... We had 3 days of rain and flooding here but better than every state around us getting tornado's. Car hit water at 45-50 MPH was 4-5" deep. Lucky my brother saw it right before the car went into the water and let off the throttle and the car died half way into the water. We put it on the car hauler and put it in the garage.

Mileage 152,827

Jan 2nd 2016
Changed the oil twice and flushed methanol through it twice and have most of the water out of the engine. Running it a couple more days before I drop the oil again and see what it looks like. Also changed the spark plugs out since they were really nasty. We did a compression check today and it had 160ish-165psi across all 4 cylinders. I'll feel safe after it gets another 1000 miles with no problems.

Jan 10th 2016
Did a final oil change and all of the moisture is gone and it looks really clean in there now. I'm back to Mobil full synthetic again. My brother helped get it retuned this weekend. With the new rings getting compression we needed more fuel but couldn't since the 440cc injectors were already fully open up top at 14psi. (I'm running 306cc stock plus a second set of 440cc in the rear) I put in a adjustable FPR and went to 4 bar fuel pressure so now I have 353cc primary and 508cc secondary injectors. We went for a drive and the fuel pressure in boost started dropping hard... So we finally hit the limit of the stock fuel pump and was also the reason the secondary 440cc were fully open trying to fuel at 14psi with fuel pressure lower than it should have been. We threw a spare 255lph pump in and boom solid fuel pressure and SUPER rich. James leaned everything out and good to go. Maybe have enough injector for E85 now

Currently has 1100 miles since the engine freshen up. She is running great, was slightly squealing the tires all through 2nd gear makes me smile
2016-03-10 00:31:59
i really enjoy a boosted automatic car, Once you have a pretty good trans cooler and do oil changes .
2016-03-11 16:00:03
Lot's of bad luck but could be worse. 2 weeks ago I hit a bolt with the drivers front tire. It has a 1/4" hole and was about wore out anyway. I had a 99' wheel and almost new tire from one of the parts cars laying around so I put it on the rear. Had a fuel line blow off the barbed fitting on the new fuel regulator while I was getting in it... Lucky the engine didn't blow up. Has 154,350 on it now. So the shift kitted rebuilt tranny has 6,350 miles @ 14psi now.

Plans this summer for the autotragic:
5 bolt swap (junkyard maxima) (making spacers)
Cross drilled / Slotted rotors (junkyard maxima)
A32 rears drilled /slotted (junkyard maxima)
G35 wheels
Independent transmission controller
Knock control (probably AEM Infinity)
Bump to 18-20PSI
2016-03-14 10:44:03
nice, i built a p11 auto for turbo , ended up not boosting it and just DD it. Shift kit, 96 gears and upgraded tq converter
2016-03-14 15:13:46
I would be interested in what torque converter you went with, also was it a RE4F03 series transmission?
2016-06-03 04:01:28
April - 24 -16

Just got back from track day. She pulled a 14.32 sec @ 98mph 1/4 mile pass. Also just hit 8,000 miles on the tranny. The best time with the ball bearing T25 @ 9psi was 14.59 @ 94mph. As soon as I get time I'm going to throw on the GTX2867 and see how much I can shave off that at the same boost level. Should get boost 500-800 rpm faster than the JB 2871 that's on there.

Video of the autotragic reeling in a Mustang GT

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