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Thread: RE4F03B Automatic with shift kit and Turbo = Success!

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2015-07-07 15:21:56
Wow would have not guessed the motor would kick the bucket before the transmission. These auto transmissions are seriously under-estimated

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2015-07-07 16:05:56
Same here. I don't think it would have gave up except for the timing problem that it had. 25 degrees base timing @ 14psi on 90 octane is probably going to blow about anything up By the time I figured it out the rod bearing(s) were already damaged I'm sure. I wasn't going to pull the engine just to figure it out and had a couple spare motors sitting just in case. So I just drove it until failure...

I'm pretty sure I'm sticking with 14psi for awhile so I may throw in the water injection and use 91 octane this time just to be safe. Oh and 15 degrees base timing even tho 25 feels great The 71mm compressor is nice but a little sluggish until 4000 rpm with the stock rr cams. I have a 60mm/60trim - 9 blade .64 A/R VET turbo and a 60mm/60trim - 10 blade .86 A/R GTIR turbo that I'm thinking of trying just to get a little more low end boost. Also been eyeballing a billet GTX2860r... Need to sell more junk for go fast stuff!

The under-estimated statement on the automatic is very true. As long as they aren't worn out and shift properly the stock stuff including the torque converter has no problem putting down 250whp maybe more. But I could have easily smoked that tranny at 14psi if I wasn't careful at the shift points. Unless I was 100% pedal down on the shift it would slip a little too much and hit the rev limiter. If I wasn't paying attention and just pedaling it under boost it would have taken the clutches out pretty quick. That could have been the transmission about worn out being that it has almost 150,000 miles on it. We'll see on the next one with new clutches if it can shift without slip under 14psi and pedaling it.

Another thing I'm going to try to get done is measure 3 different types of roller rocker cams. The cam part #'s show 130204m810 for the EX cam and 130207J501 for the Intake cam on 00'-01' B15 and 00'-02' G20 cars. I have seen information around the net that says different. I also have popped 3 different US RR engine valve covers and seen different color coding on the cams. It might not mean anything but I think it may be worth investigating. The reason the cam deal bugs me so much is that I changed our B15 SE engine out last year with a 68k mile 00' RR G20 drivetrain and it felt sluggish after the swap compared to the old original 170k RR setup. I may just be crazy also
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2015-07-07 16:16:56
The cams are definitely worth taking a look at and measuring. I agree it would bug me too if I didn't know 100% for sure what the specs were. I thought you previously had a gtx2860r?

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2015-07-07 16:38:03
I had a GTX2867R on my 6 speed car and sold it to go with a GTX3076R. The 2867 was a fun tire roaster on the cammed DE and then the VET engine for instant spool up. Would suggest it for any street application around 300 - 400 whp. I really miss the 10 blade compressor whistle. The 11 blade 3076 is quieter
2015-07-07 16:43:52
Well. ... certainly can't have a quiet compressor! Haven't heard the billet wheels but the cast wheel on my old 60-1 sounded like a semi. Loved it.

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2015-07-07 19:50:40
Originally Posted by P10
Wow would have not guessed the motor would kick the bucket before the transmission.
Over 10k miles with a pressurized crankcase? I'm surprised it lasted this long.
2015-07-07 20:43:08
Haha, I caught that before it ever ran. Don't know what I was thinking the night I was cutting and threading all of the intake piping...
2015-08-07 15:29:57
Been awhile since I have had a chance to work on the car. Lot of other stuff I needed to take care of before the summer ends... Anyway the car is back together now. I started it up and tried putting it gear but it only has reverse The car has only had 5 mins of run time so I'll let her run a bit more and make sure the valve body has had time to fill up. After that I'm going to go through the valve body and make sure we got everything right on the shift kit install. Maybe throw in the valve body from the first tranny.

2015-08-08 14:57:28
Makes me wanna do work to my auto b13 ser.

Nice ride bro!
2015-08-16 03:24:19
The transmission works great. Had to fix a leak and add some fluid. Start the clock @ 148k miles with a old RR engine and fresh rebuilt Re4F03B. The new 2860 billet comp wheel makes a lot of noise, my girl almost had a heart attack when we pulled out of the neighborhood thinking we were getting pulled over from the turbo noise I'll get some video with sound later on.

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