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Thread: RE4F03B Automatic with shift kit and Turbo = Success!

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2016-06-03 04:02:35
Have had a lot of other work going on so the autotragic car has been in the garage for 2 weeks. Transmission was leaking between the case half's so we had to pull the tranny and reseal it Put a new AC condenser in and recharged the air conditioning, Installed the Garrett GTX2867R turbo, made a new oil restrictor for the bb turbo, Drilled the front hubs out to 114.3 x 5, Made rear spacers for the maxima rear hubs, turned the hubs on the lathe so the ABS rings would fit, used maxima slotted rotors installed, G35 wheels are getting tires on them now (had some nice shape left overs in the shop) - 225-45-17 on the 8" rears and 205-50-17 on the 7.5" fronts. I screwed up a rear hub on the lathe so I'm out to the junkyard Saturday to grab a few more spares... Also thinking of installing my AEM meth injection on her so I can crank the boost up later..

Installed @ 156,300 miles - So the shift kitted & rebuilt RE4F03B has 8,300 miles now

2016-06-04 22:52:05
Finished up the rear 5 bolt setup. Had to run to the yard and grab some more hubs to turn down for the P11 ABS rings. Installed A32 rotors and brackets. Had to rebuild my rear caliper on the drivers side last night, it really wasn't too hard. G35 wheels and new tires are all done, I'm glad I didn't scrap her back when I bought the car for parts. It's far from perfect but not too bad and lot of fun to drive for a DD beater.

2016-06-05 00:49:58
Originally Posted by freakflier
Will the FIC allow you to defeat the sad 6750 rpm limit of the stock RR ECU?

Haha, thats ridiculous. And I thought the 7100RPM limit on the B14 was sad.

OP, nice car and write up though! I wish i could find me a 02 G20t manual
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2016-06-05 05:35:44
Thanks! Yeah the redline on the RR cars suck for NA but works out well on a boosted auto. Good luck on your unicorn hunt
2016-06-05 05:40:47
its not good to increase your RPM up to 7100 or higher, your rocker may jumps out of place. go for a VE head if you want more power
2016-06-05 05:54:16
Originally Posted by SR20DET_B14
its not good to increase your RPM up to 7100 or higher, your rocker may jumps out of place. go for a VE head if you want more power

Which motor are you referring to? You know the B13/NX rev limiter was 7500RPM from Nissan
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2016-06-05 16:02:29
I know from personal experience on my 6 speed car when it had the GTX/DE combo if you have it at 6500 rpm in 4th gear and shift to 3rd instead of 5th it will throw a rocker
2016-06-05 20:08:44
it happened to me before, i swapped a 272cam on a sr20de. I removed revcut so I can hit 8000rpm. it was all fun and awesome pull until the rocker pops out n break some pins. it was a PITA job to fix it. finally i swapped a VE head n no more rocker jumping issues, but that VE too also blown LOL

now with sr20det, keeping everything stock, just a bigger turbo n remap, i still change gear at 6500rpm, never try to push it deliberately, as 260bhp-ish around 6000rpm is sufficient for me

- - - Updated - - -

a vid to watch, this lasted about 2 weeks before everything gone wrong.....

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2016-06-05 20:39:44
@SR20DET_B14 What happened to your VE? Did you spin a bearing or something grenade in the valve train?
2016-06-05 20:46:51
i used to have a SR18DE with enlarged VE pistons and 262cams (then 272) and removed revcut until one fine day the rocker jump out, seeing VE have a highrev design..... i retrofit VE on my DE block by extra oil pipe drilled into the side of my VE, until a day i went hill climb, something went wrong.... the oil pump, all the oil all went up to the top of my VE head to activate the neo..... and my crank ran dry, n jammed. probably too much things mixed n matched that are not suppose to happen

at the time i was busy with work, so i parked my car at home, n sold the VE head shortly. it was a lengthy period about 5 months until i revived my car with my current SR20DET....

i would say, after driven a stock SR20DET, it was the best engine, i just replaced bigger turbine maintaining 0.6bar boost, 270whp with the help of exhaust cut out system.

was fun to drive 262 pomcam, then 272 procam, then VE power, and now DET..... great experience, i know every pro n con about each engine now, costly though, but these engine swaps took place in a span of 7 yrs
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