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Thread: BIG E85 injector suggestions - What do you run?

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2014-10-21 18:33:48
BIG E85 injector suggestions - What do you run?
I have been looking at quite a few BIG injectors so I can run E85. Several tuners were suggesting SS body type so they won't lock up if the car sits for awhile. Would like to know what type everyone uses and how long they have been run in the car. Also idle quality would be nice

Looking at:

Injector Dynamics - 1000cc-2000cc - Heard several had E85 issues
Fuel Injector Clinic 1650 High-Z - Good E85 comments on these - Also good idle
Five-O Black-Ops 1600cc -
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2014-10-21 19:10:53
I used the Lucas 120lb/hr injectors sold at Five-O. Worked great for me. Is that too small?

Use the Viton o-rings, more resistant to ethanol.
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2014-10-21 20:07:48
I used rc1000 injectors. They worked great on E85. They were around 75 duty cycle at 330hp. I'd use them again. Idle is always tricky with large injectors though. Just the nature of the beast. Some people have good luck with Idle, some dont. I had issues with them under 1000 rpm. Aside from that, they ran well.
2014-10-22 15:48:56
I use PTE 1600cc injectors and they were tricky to get right at idle but I played with my Nismotronic until I got it and now it idles at 900rpm on E85 and starts on the first crank. I was even able to do a pump gas tune on 93 octane and it ran good. I believe the FIC and the ID injectors are a lot easier to get right.
2014-10-22 19:30:28
2200 cc Five-O motorsport
2014-10-22 19:46:15
Anyone have trouble with E85 and injectors sticking after sitting awhile?
2014-10-22 20:14:36
Just put regular gas in it when you know it's gonna sit? IIRC 30 days is all it takes with non vented tank, 90 days with vented tank for E85 to go bad
2014-10-22 23:30:18
I recommend Injector Dynamics. I sold those exclusively for a few years at my old job, the Subaru guys ate them up when converting to E85. Never saw a single problem with Injector Dynamic injectors.
2014-10-23 14:25:46
I don't think it matters. Get whatever injector size you want for your needs. I don't think any injector works better over others on E85.

I am running my MSD 72lb injectors on e85 and notice no difference in idle or driveability over 93.

2014-10-23 15:43:49
I am stepping up to 1200 cc Bosch injectors (which should be E85 compatible) to see how they work. They will also be ran at 4 bar, so over 1400cc in flow rate should suffice!

DIY Tune selles them for a little over $80 a pop.
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