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Thread: BIG E85 injector suggestions - What do you run?

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2014-11-12 21:12:44
Well if we are talking fuel pressure bump the black ops 1600 flow 1870cc @ 4 bar

I took a buddy for a ride and shattered 3rd gear on the highway. Hopefully I'll get another 6 speed in it by the weekend.
2014-11-12 21:26:21
Damn?!?! How many boxes have you gone through now???
2014-11-12 22:58:50
Actually the first manual that I have ever broke.. Must have been a bad one
2014-11-14 00:30:10
Choose and research wisely on injectors. But from experience, ID (Injector Dynamics) is the way to go. There is alot of "copy/paste" injector companies out there. And believe it or not, there is also copied and false data they use too. I know quite a few that have been called out on it and no response to it. But im biased towards ID's.

No one out there analyzes and proofs injectors like the guys @ ID

The Library - Injector Dynamics

To calculate what injectors you may need:

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2014-11-16 04:12:21
i have been eyeing siemens 220lb injectors but they require an injector driver box so if you dont have one it will be the same price as id2000, im sure you could get away with resistors but idk how consistent that would be

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2014-12-01 20:31:37
Hey ! Some one know, does some Fiveo-black ops injectors fit to SR20VET and stock fuel rail ?
2014-12-01 21:11:08
Originally Posted by Serz
Hey ! Some one know, does some Fiveo-black ops injectors fit to SR20VET and stock fuel rail ?

If you are staying with stock Nissan top feed height check the 55mm " STANDARD: Black-Ops M-Series X8 US / Euro " Looks to be the same height and 14mm orings. I went with mustang size and pulled the top hats so the fuel rail would sit really low. But also had to make my own custom fuel rail.
2014-12-11 22:55:38
If anyone is thinking about ordering injectors from Five-o the freeship still works in the coupon code box. type "freeship" in the box and it takes $12.50 off
2014-12-13 01:17:07
Nice. Had a set of five o's great products
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