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Thread: The Truth about the SR20VET Exhaust camshaft.

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2015-05-01 20:06:22
Originally Posted by pTen
Originally Posted by eggman
how does the VET cam work at low rpm compared to stock VE cams? and loss on the bottom end with these?

Not sure what your trying to ask?

What do you mean how does it work?

What do you mean loss on the bottom end?

I know how they work..LOL..Lemme try to clear up my question...
I m asking if the VET cam loses any bottom end(torque/hp) as compared to the stock cams.(by bottom end ,I mean lower rpm range)

So if I swap from stock cams to VET cams,will I sacrifice power in the lower rpm range as a tradeoff for power up top? Or do you only gain and no compromise?
2015-05-01 20:49:08
You will gain bottom end power/torque due to the low lobe spec, as well as gain turbo responce, which is the whole point in using the VET ex cam. The ex cam has the biggest low lobe from all the OEM cams
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2016-03-13 15:32:32
Bringing this back from the dead!!! Any new news regarding this cam combo??
2016-03-13 18:19:53
I have has a few large framed turbo customers who have swapped in the cam over a p11 or p12 ex with positive feedback
2016-03-13 23:46:48
Hopefully ill be doing a dyno compare with the 20v in vet ex combo and Kelford 184st's
2016-03-27 14:20:40
I'll be popping mines in soon with A precision 6262 and we'll see what it acts like. I'll be using a 16ve intake cam.
2017-01-11 17:39:00
Has any one made any progress? Tried swapping different intake cams?

I'm gonna be getting a set of vet cams and I'll be able to choose either stock ve, 16ve or the vet intake cam.. what do y'all think would be best of my 3 choices?
2017-01-13 22:18:26
SR16s are probably the best...unless you have a big turbo
2017-01-13 22:36:53
So try the 16ve intake with vet exhaust?
2017-01-26 04:17:58
are you guys seeing better results with stock Ve cam and VET ex cam or both VET cams? im trying to change my cams before i get retuned, also, can VET cams be ran with DET bottem end with stock pistons with no issues?
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