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Thread: Popping and backfiring after IACV/AAC VALVE replacement

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2014-07-18 21:27:19
still no dice with this. just getting backfiring and popping. im so aggravated with my luck

i replaced the rotor cap and button
2014-07-19 14:38:31
This thing has caused more headaches than Honduhs w/ fart cans
2014-07-19 20:17:51
yeah no kidding i just got done fixing my volvo 740, i pretty much replaced everything on the engine but the transmission and block.

it needed all the work but my god it was draining.

on my volvo 740 i did:

throttle body gasket
throttle position sensor
exhaust manifold gaskets
intake manifold gasket
new crank angle sensor
new fuel pump
new fuel filter
new fuel lines
new distributor cap
new rotor button
new spark plugs
new oil 15w-40
new oil filter
new transmission filter
new transmission pan gasket
transmission fluid change
new transmission drain plug
new O2 sesnor
new oil pan drain plug
new vacuum lines
new fuel pump relay
new radio supression relay
new intake fuel line
New Overdrive blockoff plate
new fuel pressure regulator
new fuel pressure regulator hose
new fuel pressure regulator o ring
new fuel injector o rings top and bottom

and i did countless checks and rechecks i was having a TON TON TON TON TON TON TON TON TON TON of problems, i finally today got it situated and it drives like a top well hell yes i replaced almost everything those cars dont have but obd so you have to put a pin the the obd code reader and then it flashes so many times for this or that. but its vauge and it doesnt tell you exactly what is wrong. and i started finding things that needed replacing that were old and worn, i mean volvos last forever, but i had 22 year old parts on it that just needed to be replaced. a real nightmare.
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