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Thread: Silicone Reducer Coupler size question.

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2008-06-17 02:02:37
Silicone Reducer Coupler size question.
Like the title states, which size is used for the t28 intake pipe to connect to a intake pipe for the z32 maf? i have got an accord cai pipe that i want to connect but the sizes are extremely different.
2008-06-17 12:34:43
MAF's are 3". Most inlets for the T25 or T28 are either 2" or 2.5" RWD T25, IIRC, has the elbow on the inlet and is 2.5"
2008-06-17 13:39:33
^^ what he said
2008-06-17 14:59:02
im measuring the t28 inlet at about 1.25'' and the pipe for the intake arm is @ 2.75. So what kind of reducer you thing will work, i cant find anybody that sells any couplers with these sizes, or am i going to have to run to couplers?
2008-06-17 15:27:16
1.25" inlet? That doesn't seem right. Is that the ID or OD of the inlet? I could have sworn the one I had on my t25 was a 2" inlet.

If you're up to it, just have a shop weld a reducer onto the inlet. The only other way would be to run a reducing coupler from like 1.5" to 2.5" for the charge pipe, and then from 2.5" to 3" to fit the MAF. Check out the sticky in the general sr20 section for websites pertaining to what you need as far as silicone hoses. I think one website is silhoses or something like that. You could try ATPTurbo, too. They have ALL KINDS of couplers, reducers, elbows, etc.
2008-06-17 15:56:58
yeah thats the O.D., ill probabley weld a reducer on, i just wanted to see if thats what everybody else was doing, or if there was an easier way. i got some couplers from a company called treadstone in fl, pretty good quality if you ever want to check them out also. i just figured all these reducers in line has to be robbing some sort of power, getting a bottle neck effect.
2008-06-17 16:29:21
I don't think many would opt to weld a permanent reducer onto the inlet, it was just an idea I personally would go the route of using a couple reducing couplers. I don't think it'd choke down the turbo at all, considering it's driven by exhaust gasses.
2008-06-22 14:46:19
I'm almost certain the GtiR T28 inlet pipe is 2" I bought a 3-2" reducer at silicone hoses iirc. When I ran the accord intake I used the 2.75" coupler and cut out a piece and stacked it in the 3" side of the reducer. It worked fine.
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