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Thread: Debating going turbo...

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2008-06-17 09:05:30
yeah a de+t is awesome, my buddy pieced his whole kit together minus the clutch setup for 900.00 start to finish. His stock clutch lasted about 3 days before the springs blew apart at 7psi, he actually used a mazdaspeed protege ball bearing T25 also. So his turbo was about 200.00 more than what you can find a regular t25 for. So i mean he could have been turbod for basicly 700.00/ cant beat that. So now he has a stock pp with my old 4 puck disk in there and it holds fairly well at 7psi boost. But hes just waiting on the new flywheel and clutch setup. Temporary fix.

Definetly get the calum ecu, sell of the SAFCII and you will almost have double enough for the Calum. Keep the wideband for later fine tunning. Drilling the block is easy. hardest part is finding the tap for it, but i just skipped that and drilled it and pounded a piece of tubing in the block and sealed it with some stuff called metal magic. Ive never had any problems with leaks at all from it and its solid. I just couldnt source the right size tap. So i decided otherwise. You will love the response from a DE+T also. Its crazy.

So in final words.....................JUST DO IT!
2008-06-17 13:51:31
Bottom line here (I didn't read the posts after your $900 comment), is that you should expect to spend about 3 times as much as what you indicated, for maintenance purposes.

Seriously, anytime you buy a motor you do not know the history of, you should replace all seals and gaskets, as well as check bearings, etc. This can add up rather quickly, and cause more downtime than you want if you have to keep going back to buy another seal/gasket. As others had mentioned, while you're doing this, upgrade your clutch, and double check your flywheel surface area.

If you REALLY want it done right, I'd disassemble the block, get everything hot tanked, and re-assembled.

Not saying that a motor dropped right in from the shipper wouldn't work, I'd just be a little weary of it.

Oh, and 100K is barely broken in on a DE motor. She's still got plenty of life left in her
2008-06-17 14:21:15
Haha guys I really appreciate all the responses. You all make great points. It would certainly be much easier to do the DE+T and I would have far less worry about getting it running right.

There's also the fact it would be very difficult for me to do an engine swap as I only have the street to do it on haha.

Based on what you guys have said I am going to think it over some more and maybe do a more complete priceout/comparison.. I was mainly worried about the reliability of a DE+T as this is my only car and daily driver, but from what you guys say it can handle small amounts of boost and still be reliable. I do already have a clutch but I'm gonna have to find out which one it is since it came on the car. I know it's unsprung but don't really know anything else. I also know I need a new input shaft bearing while the things out :/
One other problem is I know the DE has overheated a few times before. The head gasket still appears to be fine as it's been running for almost a year since then without those problems but who knows what boost might do.

Taking everything in stride it's probably a bad choice to go turbo given my monetary and reliability concerns.. but I can't keep the voice inside down haha..

I think we all must know the feeling when you get overly excited about something (especially cars!) and start skipping over the details that are really very important when making decisions.

I'll have to do some more research I can tell.
2008-06-17 16:59:04
well reliability wasnt really an issue, i mean i ran mine for 3 months flawlessly at 8psi of boost until i went to upgrade the fuel and had some bad tunning issues which caused the first problem. and it was just one stupid thing after another. That does tend to happen, doesnt mean its reliable, i mean hell when does a lifter ever completely fail on an SR motor, never but it happened to me, haha but hey danja i really think your better off piecing together a kit. especially if your motor is clean and running like a champ.
2008-06-17 17:08:29
either motor you go with youll want to run a jwt ecu or a calum, the correct maf, bored de ( a reg de maf wont yeild much power) or a z32. 370's at the minimum as far as injectors go @ 4 bar.

now to the choice of motors.

if your de is in good condition, clean under the vc, compression tests out fine and leak down is solid. turbo it, less work etc etc. also unless you plan on going over 400whp a de is FINE !

det comes with the appropriate hardware, turbo, mani, oem hard lines etc etc.

really depends what you want to do.

ive ran a 10:1 jdm de on a t25 for a while, it held up fine, water pump belt jumped off, over heated the motor and developed rod knock.

i know run a jdm de on a t28 with a ebc @ 7 pounds (stock psi) and 16 pounds. it has handled the power for more then two years with no problems.

the choice is up to you.

2008-06-17 18:01:31
Danja, I'm kind of in the same boat as you debating on going turbo. Theres a lot of little things you should have that add up. FPR, fuel pump for anything over 7psi, fuel pressure guage, boost guage, some form of managment (which you allready have), intercooler, piping, etc (obviously not an exhaustive list). This all adds up to a decent amount. But the benefits outweigh the costs. Ive had a DE+T in my old SE-R and loved it. This time around I'll probably have a DET but who knows. We'll see. I'm also subscribing to this thread and I'm probably going to get some concrete pricing and throw it up here.
2008-06-17 18:58:41
Well at the moment it seems that my thoughts on the DE+T were only misconceptions. If they hold up as well as you guys say for small amounts of power (which is really all I want at this point since reliability seems to decrease with increasing power :rofl, then it really seems like a DE+T would be the way to go. Plus, it gives me the option of spending smaller amounts of money and accumulating parts over time instead of blowing it all at once and hoping I got my money's worth, in addition to it being easier to sell off should the need arise.

I realize this horse has been beaten 10,000 times so I appreciate the responses haha. I guess I am now leaning toward DE+T for the ease and extra options. Time for some research!
2008-06-17 23:08:23
i tell you i dont have my turbo on yet and i find its too much trouble i dont have all the part yet and does not have the money to finish this all right now i would had gone det it would already been turbocharged get a clutch fuel pump and a det turn the boost up and enjoy
2008-06-18 02:03:06
Originally Posted by g20-turbo
i tell you i dont have my turbo on yet and i find its too much trouble i dont have all the part yet and does not have the money to finish this all right now i would had gone det it would already been turbocharged get a clutch fuel pump and a det turn the boost up and enjoy

yes listen to this unpunctuated run on sentence
2008-06-18 04:11:10
lol what a critic, haha but yeah that is one hell of a sentence. haha
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