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Thread: Debating going turbo...

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2008-06-16 23:58:29
Debating going turbo...
I really want to go turbo sometime soon when I can get the money together for it. I've been thinking about going DE + T versus getting a DET and I am thinking the latter is a better choice.. either a BB or avenir.. anyway my question is:

Given that the engines themselves are similar except for boost (DE vs DET) would I be ok to use my DE ECU with my SAFC and wideband? Or would I need to get the DET ECU.
2008-06-17 00:06:24
As long as you use the DE sensors, you'll be fine.

BTW, a DE+T will yield more power than a DET, given the same turbo and fuel setup. This is obviously due to the higher CR of the DE over the DET.
2008-06-17 01:15:37
just get a calum basic ecu for 120
2008-06-17 01:16:07
Yea I realize but the factors convincing me the DET is a better choice are:

DE + T higher comp ratio is as much a disadvantage as it is an advantage due to big engine stress

DET engine is built for boost and the lower comp ratio allows for more of it more safely

DET engine is higher quality turbo setup than the cheap a*s turbo components that are equivalent pricewise (price will be my limiting factor, and I am much more inclined to trust nissan engineering than some good turbo knockoff that is likely nowhere near as good quality as the high priced ones). This is actually the basis for my decision mainly.

Piecing together a turbo kit will almost certainly come to about the same cost as a DET because of the need to buy fuel stuff, have the oil pan drilled for lines, get a custom exhaust, etc. The DET kits generally come with injectors, and there is no need to pay someone to tap the pan for lines.

Mainly, I think the DET will be more reliable than the DE-T as it's better designed to handle boost.

Thanks for the info tekkie. As far as I can tell, all I would need to buy for a DET is an adjustable FPR and the intercooler stuff (because the cheaper dets dont seem to come with that). My buddy has a spare IC he will give me as well. And I'm sure I could get my hands on a normal OEM downpipe for it that would be much cheaper than having to get the flanges made for the aftermarket manifolds. I figure I can go DET for about $900 total, whereas a DE-T will be at least that much and probably worse quality.

Also, my DE has about 100k on it and most of the DETs seem to have under 40k
2008-06-17 01:16:37
Originally Posted by DxPxE
just get a calum basic ecu for 120

No point as I already have the SAFC/Wideband and already have it installed and working haha
2008-06-17 01:23:32
Where the hell you gonna find a good condition det for $900 shipped?????? No offense but thats not gonna be very likely to happen. I have almost a grand in mine DE+T and am waiting on sending the ecu out and thats about all I have left. And you don't tap the pan, you tap the block.
2008-06-17 02:03:22
You could piece a good kit together with mostly oem pieces for about the same price as a DET.

The Calum ECU could eclipse anything you do with a wideband/safc.

Beware of $900 DETs

PS don't forget to upgrade the clutch if you don't already have one.
2008-06-17 02:09:35
Hmm well matt pound brought up this site in the other section..


They have cheaper DET's on there and from the reviews I read on the other forum people seemed pretty satisfied with the engines they got from them.

I realize calum ECU has more capability but I will be lucky to get enough money for turbo itself, and if the SAFC will do the job at least for a while then it's good enough.

I'll admit that when I was pricing things out in my head I was looking at new separate turbo parts and comparing the price to a used engine. It might be possible to find some good used turbo parts to keep the price of a DE-T down.
2008-06-17 05:36:43
It all depends on your power goals and how much boost you want to run. I think is not worth to get a DET for 10psi for example.
2008-06-17 06:01:17
I ran my DE+T for nearly 4 years, and it ran like a champ. I strapped on a T28 w/370's @ 4bar, z32 maf, and ran it like that with a DE ECU for nearly a year before I got the cash to upgrade it. It was ok, but the big problem was tuning. There was always this lean spike just after boost hit (when you don't want it) that I couldn't ever get the SAFC to iron out. The problem with the SAFC is that the ECU fights against it and tries to outthink it, which can cause problems when you need more fuel. Also the fact that you're just tricking it into believing you have the right Injectors in there is a complicating factor. I'd say just suck it up and get a DET ECU. At moderate boost (7-10psi) a stock U12 or W10 ECU is great. You get a program that's designed to run with 370's and your stock maf, and it'll drive good at nearly every rpm range. Added to this is that if you do a little fine tuning with the SAFC it won't completely monkeywrench your setup. Just IMHO, but the price of an ECU is not that much. X2 on getting a calum basic, that's good stuff for cheap.

If you're new to boost, I'd recommend you keep your stock motor in there and do all your experimenting on it, then it won't hurt your feelings so much when you grenade it! If you watch the forums just a little bit, you'll see that it's not that tough to come across good parts for good prices. You can get everything you need in a short period of time. In the last two months, I have found a like new disco, new injectors, nice fmic, some SS oil lines, a digital six, and a bunch of other stuff. I bought it all off the forum and it's all been exactly as it was described. I did pick up a short shifter from ebay, but other than that it's all been forum stuff.

Sorry for the long post, just my $0.02.
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