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Thread: Car won't turn over please help

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2014-06-16 23:38:21
Car won't turn over please help
Basically i pulled the turbo off to get rebuilt... got it back and bolted it up.
Tried to start the car after i primed it, but wont turn over.... Heres the problem so far: Took the spark plugs out and the car is not getting spark, windows don't work, Sunroof won't work, turn signals don't work, and headlight won't turn on. The car has fuel and you can hear it pump.
Please help!!
Car: B15 2000 Nissan Sentra sr20det-rr
2014-06-16 23:50:08
Check the fuses thats alot of stuff not working
2014-06-17 01:45:56
So does it turn over on the starter or not at all , check your battery, connections all fuses like already said .
2014-06-17 13:23:54
cleaned off the connections... It sounds like it wants to start but it just not getting there, also i tried to pop the clutch ut that also failed
2014-06-18 02:14:26
are u grounded on the manifold .... maybe the fuel lines are backwards
2014-06-18 12:18:47
If your sure it's getting fuel but not getting spark then check your fuses. The main fuse block has big main high amp fuses make sure you double check those and use a pen light or small flash light because the fuse element and break outside of the view window on top of the fuse. Good luck
2014-06-18 13:32:17
these guys are all right, its going to be fusable links or fuses.

when it comes to diagnosing fusable links, i usually run to the junk yard and get a few and swap them out. sometimes it can be very hard to tell if they blew or not.
2014-06-18 23:30:22
How about the ECU? What ECU are you running
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