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Thread: How to connect water lines?

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2014-05-21 04:35:41
How to connect water lines?
How do I connect the water lines to the bluebired T25 on my stock highport DE? What would I need cause it doesn't come with stock lines.
2014-05-21 05:19:21
Magic.......... Motha Fucka!

anyways, I and alot of other guys steal the throttle body coolant ports, essentially deleting the throttle an replacing it with the turbo instead.. OR if you give 2 fucks about the throttle, you can add some T's an have both, but that sounds silly to me.

there are others ways tho, but to me, IMO, thats the easiest..
2014-05-21 11:06:12
I use the throttle body coolent feed and return. If you can get the stock turbo coolent hard lines use those and just bend them to fit. You can also get banjo bolts with an fitting to run steal braided lines. I use the stock t25 oil and coolent lines, I cut them for what I need and flare the ends to work with steal braided lines.

Good compression fitting also work.
2014-05-23 21:01:27
I just bought this for my water lines on my t25 set up i'm putting together..
Turbo Water Line M14X1 5 mm Garrett T25 T28 Journal Bearing 8" 6AN Teflon | eBay
2014-05-24 16:53:02
I use the TB lines on stock turbo builds. On 2000-up G20 RR engine cars the TB lines leak into the iacv and kill the ECU sooner or later anyway.
2014-05-25 04:05:45
with a wrench

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