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Thread: mild turbo setup help

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2014-05-20 04:21:24
mild turbo setup help
I talked to Matt today. And he said things that sparked real thoughts. Now in turn, I am wondering how costly is it to purchase all items needed for a mild turbo kit? Would 2grand cover costs of materials and installation time? 2grand is an amount I feel it should cost. But let me know if that is wacko jacko.
2014-05-20 06:27:45
I'd say it would depend on what you are starting with, any current mods.

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2014-05-20 18:38:29

SR20VE engine and N1 cams. I thought that people were doing homegrown type setups without spending their IRA savings.
2014-05-20 18:56:23
Sure but to do it right is going to take some money. What engine management do you have currently?

The sr20ve likes medium to large frame turbos and tubular manifolds. You can use a t2 turbo and manifold, but I would strongly suggest getting VET cams with that. Reason being the N1's have a large amount of overlap, this is great for NA but for a restrictive t2 turbo set up will be horrible. The VET cams have 0 degrees of overlap on low lobes and iirc only 13 degrees on high. At the very least switch back to the stock 20ve cams.

If you have a tunable engine management system already, you can save yourself some money.

So, here's what I would do.
Gtir manifold - you can find one for around $100 used
t2871 turbo or t2860rs (disco potato) if you wait to find a used one, you can save some money I'd factor 700ish used
I'd also get a larger turbine housing for it to help, a .86 ar. Not sure how much these go for
J-pipe for the turbo if it doesn't come with one, around $100 I would budget
front mount intercooler, can be had for around $100
injectors 440cc - $170ish
Fuel pump - $100ish
Intercooler piping and downpipe will depend on who you go with and their charge for the fabrication. Maybe $600 for both?
Blow off valve - $200ish new

and either a new tune or an engine management system.
$2k might be a tight budget.
I added it up, based on the estimates above looks like $2070 without the ecu tune or a larger turbine housing.

As @se200 said, sell your N1 cams to get cash plus stock 20ve cams.
Look for deals on used working items and and you can probably get it done for $2k.
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2014-05-20 19:14:32
If you can do 4k, you can get a decent set-up. For 2k, you'll be getting 2nd hand stuff that may not work.

Also, is this your only vehicle?
Will you be doing everything yourself?
Like @P10 Goodness asked, how is your engine management setup right now?
2014-05-20 20:35:18
it can be done for 2k. Just need to watch for deals. figure out what type of power you want to make and then you can figure out what parts are in that price range.
2014-05-20 22:43:27
It will tight to get it done right for 2k$. You can get the turbo parts but engine management might put you over if you don't already have it.
N1 cams like big turbos so you could sell those plus trade for stock 20ve cams to help fund the turbo
Spend the extra $ on a good tubular manifold it will be worth every penny. Don't put a log on the ve if you can avoid it.
I'm running a huge turbo and kickass manifold, the ve-t rips with good parts.
2014-05-21 05:28:39
well, i'd ditch the sr16 trans, and get a 6spd swap and sell the n1's unless your going to run a big ass turbo.. few steps back to go a few steps forward..

just take it to @TRACKFORGED and hand them a fat stack of cash, they will make it happen.
2014-05-21 11:00:48
I should have offered to buy/ trade cams from you, let me know lol.

You will love the turboed ve. I was thinking about going all motor but now that I'm boosted again I enjoy driving my ten times more.
2014-05-22 17:10:23
Zack, should still have his 20ve cams... we replaced and repacked for fim... so good luck with the trades lol... If you want to sell the cams Zack, I know a guy who may want them
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