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Thread: Journal Bearing Daily Driving

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2014-04-24 20:15:19
Journal Bearing Daily Driving
I have the time now to reconsider my turbo build and the parts previously chosen.

Previously I had bought a t-frame garret journal bearing t3/t4 turbo, 4an oil feed lines and 10an oil drain line. Since this unit is oil cooled only and does not have a water jacket to cool the oil, I'm wondering about the practicality on a daily driven car.

On my application the vehicle will be driven approximately 4 times a week with one way trips usually 10 minutes or less.

I don't street race. Ever. I will occasionally take the car to the drag strip.

Now. For a turbo cool down, what would be an approximate cool down period to avoid coking the bearing? Provided, during daily driving it won't see much past 5-6k often. At the track is a different story and I could give it as much time as needed at that point.

I've read in a couple locations that engine breaking plus 30 seconds of idle time are enough cooling for a turbo with sufficient oiling capacity. Figured I'd ask for some first hand experience and get the build right this time.

Thanks in advance.

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2014-04-24 22:10:48
Well you have to figure that your driving on the fwy and exit and you hit a light. If you shut the car off right then Im sure it's going to cook it lol. But you waiting at the light and then driving a few miles like a normal human and getting into the parking lot and waiting 30seconds should do it. If Im driving like a maniac I give it a min to cool down before I shut it off.
2014-04-25 00:30:35
That's what I thought, as long as it's not shut off after a hard pull. Thanks, just needed another's opinion than my own to confirm.

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2014-04-25 00:54:13
between traffic and speed limits you will be fine.
2014-04-25 05:16:57
Perfect! Thanks guys I'll stick with this turbo since I already bought it

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