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Thread: Oil leak at oil return

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2014-04-02 23:02:59
Oil leak at oil return
Had a nasty oil leak but wasn't able to narrow it down. I power washed the entire engine bay and replaced the oil drain line with a new piece of hose while I was at it. Started the motor and it turns out there is still oil leaking from that same spot.

The leak is coming from where the bottom of the hose and the fitting in the block meet. What can I do about this?

EDIT: I realize in this picture the drain tube from the turbo is the wrong one and doesn't line up. The pic is attached more so to show how the hose meets the barb fitting on the block.

Does anyone have pictures of metal lines all the way from the turbo into the block or is everyone using rubber lines? I have a t25 if it matters.

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2014-04-03 21:28:54
what kind of hose and clamps?
2014-04-03 22:22:56
is it leaking from the hose/clamp or from where the fitting screws into the block?
2014-04-04 13:38:40
If from the block/fitting cut a new gasket and replace. If from the hose/fitting use quality hi-temp hose and a thick solid clamp. I'm sure it's pictured the way it is due to diagnosis but just in case, I don't even see a clamp and you're missing a bolt. That'll do it!
2014-04-04 13:47:05
As stated above, your missing a bolt on the oil outlet. Drill the holes out on the flange and use two bolts. You also need two hose clamps one on each end of the rubber hose. If the fitting is leaking remove it and Teflon the fitting and reinstall. Start with those things and I bet The leak magically vanishes.
2014-04-04 13:53:23
Possibly the metal end into the hose is damaged not allowing the hose to seal properly? Remove the hose and inspect the metal end for disfigurement.
2014-04-05 10:44:33
Why use the wrong oil drain flange? That's a huge no no in itself.
2014-04-06 03:23:41
haha I didn't even notice the flange is wrong. That's not my pic, thats a pic I found on this forum. Good catch guys.

However, the leak is not from the flange area it's at the bottom where I have a barb fitting into the block. It seems like it's leaking from the area where the hose meets the barb fitting. I have transmission cooler hose and screw clamps there at the moment.
2014-04-06 04:10:22
i believe this is when most of us grab our rtv and go ham.
2014-04-06 04:39:56
You said you recently pressure washed so it should be fairly clean, yes? I don't know about "most of us" but what I would do is lift the front end securely on stands. I would crawl under with some spray carb cleaner or brake parts cleaner while wearing safety glasses (I've learned the hard way too much) and proceed to wipe down and spray the oily areas. I'd patiently wait for oil to emerge from the problematic area. To conclude, like most of us I know, I'd then properly repair and fix the situation.
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