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Thread: Pics of ground down turbo housing. Any good?

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2014-04-02 15:01:15
Pics of ground down turbo housing. Any good?
I was looking to purchase a gtir t28. Someone online advertised theirs but it looks like the turbo housing was ground down and jb welded over. Does this look like it is any good, or worth buying for his $300 asking price? What are your thoughts?


2014-04-02 15:12:51
If it's leaking NFG! Offer them $100 and send it to someone to get welded
2014-04-02 15:54:55
He said he got it from his friend and it worked fine but wasn't on the engine long. So realistically it's not worth much but can be welded for longevity?
2014-04-02 16:06:19
Yeah i would trust an aluminum weld better than JB
2014-04-03 04:16:55
Depends how big the crack was from the grind, but you wouldn't know that unless you did it. That being the case -- probably best to get it welded.
2014-04-03 19:28:33
I would just buy a new compressor housing and get one for a gt28r which will be a upgrade.
2014-04-03 19:36:38
I can say it's not worth $300.
2014-04-04 16:05:28
Junk! Why do ppl do his? If you can get it for cheap like 100$ and the rest of it looks ok then it might be worth it. FYI jb weld gets into every hole and crack, when you attempt to weld over it (even ground off and cleaned) you get a dirty weld. I'm not saying it can't be done but most fab/welding shops will charge you for clean up. Good luck.
2014-04-06 15:47:09
I passed. He was not willing to negotiate more than 285. Thanks for the feedback on it.
2014-04-13 05:27:49
Hit him with the 250! I have a spare GTi-R t28 compressor housing!
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