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Thread: Where do y'all source 12v for your wideband???

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2014-03-22 21:04:16
Where do y'all source 12v for your wideband???
Where do yall source 12v for your wideband? The A/F reading on my AEM uego drops considerably with an electrical drain; blower motor, radiator fans, headlights, etc. It's been said my 12v source is poor, It was wired to the fog light switch (no fogs installed). I switched today to the lighter/accessory wires, clean solid connections, same issue. At idle the A/F number will drop a full 1.0-1.5 with electrical accessories running.

Maybe it's not an electrical issue? It's always been this way only now am I trying to figure it out.
2014-03-22 22:24:05
on its own battery source.
2014-03-22 22:24:54
im running a separate fused power wire straight from the battery for all my gauges.
2014-03-22 22:30:21
Mine gets source from the same +12v source the ECU gets, and grounds to the ECU grounds. I built it into my engine wiring harness.
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2014-03-23 00:22:21
i got mine from a fuse box source that im not using on the car.
2014-03-23 01:53:24
I was hoping to find "open" fuse accessory slots like I have in my '84 Chevy on my b13 fuse panel but that's not the case.
Ben, that's pretty dope but I'm hardly looking to get that deep.
For you separate battery source guys, is it also wired to an accessory? Or otherwise a toggle switch? If its wired right to the battery, how are you turning it off?

Would y'all agree the fog lights wire was a poor source? How bout my current lighter location? The AEM instructions simply say to use a 12v 10A fused source. The + - wires are quite thin, I can't imagine similar thin gauge wire is the reason. I think the lighter wires are just a tad bit thicker anyway.

Does anyone experience a similar occurrence as me with an electrical drain affecting their A/F readings?
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2014-03-23 02:23:56
I used may have used the 12volt switched source for the radio at the fuse box. I know they are sensitive to the ground location. I used the beam that runs behind the radio. I am also using a lc-1 not a aem gauge. the aem would have been easier to use with the aem ems.
2014-03-23 02:32:17
I just made a quick video showing change with blower motor and lights. Had I waited for the radiator fans to kick on it'd have dropped just that much more. ***Don't mind the rich idle. I'm set for a RE-tune in May with Jamie @ Marsh :-)

2014-03-23 02:57:20
This is likely a issue with your ground and not the 12v.

I would still find a better source of 12v. If you are going to steal power from somewhere else then you may want to consider adding a relay to the circuit.
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2014-03-23 04:39:36
Yah, I've always heard the ground is probably more likely to be the problem. You can ground it to the intake manifold where the ECU grounds are pretty easily. Maybe temporarily at least for an easy test with a loose wire.
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