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Thread: over heating problems

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2008-06-09 14:57:38
that is what i was thinking, i might as well go get a new block.
2008-06-09 15:23:07
I wouldn't go as far as to get a new block. I'd just pull the head and check the gasket like you had planned on doing.
2008-06-09 15:41:18
I agree with Tekkie... aftermarket gauges are much better since they are not simply calibrated for one exact setup. The problem is that the OEM gauge/sensor combo is just a ground wire going into the coolant and temperature is determined based on the resistance in grounding through the coolant (I think!!!) because as you'll notice the gauge sensor has only one prong while the ECTS has two.

Also from what I have heard the OEM gauge/sensor setup is not very accurate, and basically only ever says cold, middle, or too hot, which isn't too useful haha.

I would check the sensor itself with a voltmeter and see if it's really overheating or not to check whether or not the gauge works.
2008-06-09 16:04:20
Would the water pump have some sort of issue?
2008-06-09 16:11:33
He said he changed it out already haha
2008-06-09 16:29:23
Reading is not fundamental...oops!
2008-06-09 17:42:47
Just a thought, does your water temp sensor and ECU match up? ie: are you running a US ECU and sensor or is it a JDM ECU and US sensor?
2008-10-09 03:22:41
so what was the fix????????
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