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Thread: Gtir Vs w11

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2014-02-14 11:49:32
Gtir Vs w11
Both are stock engines. Going into a b13 or a p11. Fwd. Not sure yet.
Looking to go with a ve headswap so the intake on the gtir would be useless as I heard the ve intake would be best on that combo.

The oil pumps for the gtir is also hard to locate in my country but it can be sourced.

What's your guys views?

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2014-02-14 16:34:56
Avenir is more simple and easy to find parts for so get that one.
2014-02-14 17:37:54
in my experience the w11 spools way quicker that the gtir. Ball bearing t25.
2014-02-14 17:55:02
Hes doing a VE head swap so i doubt hes using the stock turbo.

The w11 would be much easier for the VE head swap as it uses the normal sized head bolts. GTiR has bigger bolts so you will need to drill out the head.
2014-02-14 19:18:45
Yep. Not stock turbo. Gt35 looking like a option for me. Or a precision turbo.

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2014-02-14 20:06:52
Why not just run a VE block then?
2014-02-14 20:36:49
I have a stock W10 setup in my P10, I had intially wanted to go GTIR but withspare parts hard to come by I stuck with the W10 a valve broke in my W10 which my spare BB engine was a direct fit so it helped out a lot having interchangeable BB and W10 engines GTIR is a nice setup none the less
2014-02-15 01:10:58
Re: Gtir Vs w11
Originally Posted by Vadim
Why not just run a VE block then?

That's one of the options.

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