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Thread: N1 or stock VE cams for my 3071r setup

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2014-02-12 07:38:01
N1 or stock VE cams for my 3071r setup
So I recently bought Mike (Cortrim1)'s old T2 setup consisting of a t2 asp tubular vet manifold and a gt3071r with .86 a/r rear housing/t04e 4" compressor housing to use to boost my stock 2.0 VE. My motor currently has n1 cams installed on stock s&r's while still being NA. I am not necessarily desiring to rev much past 8500 max rpm after we boost it unless this is still well within the powerband. Car has a Fidanza flywheel and a B15 trans. Will be running a JGS 50mm external wastegate.

I know it is a few years old, but I was reading Coheed's thread http://www.sr20-forum.com/vvl/14455-safe-max-rev-srxxve-cams.html regarding cam options and max rev on each type of factory VE cam and have a couple questions.

In that thread Snickers mentions: "The N1 cams will work with a turbo setup but ONLY with a larger turbo. The N1 exhaust cam has so much duration and the exhaust valve opens very early that they will only be beneficial at higher RPMS with a larger turbo. The N1 intake cam is ok and could be run though."

Can my t2 3071r be considered a large turbo or does he only mean t3 turbos and up?

SR16VE N1 Cam Specs

Intake cam
Low Intake Duration: 220
Low Intake Lift: 8.4
Low Intake Center Angle: 110

Low Lobe Center Angle: 116
Low Overlap: 0

High Intake Duration: 288
High Intake Lift: 12.0
High Intake Center Angle: 104

Exhaust cam
Low Exhaust Duration: 244
Low Exhaust Lift: 7.95
Low Exhaust Center Angle:122

High Exhaust Duration: 288
High Exhaust Lift: 11.9
High Exhaust Center Angle:110

I do have a set of Custom Steel adjustable cam gears that are not installed as well as my stock ve cams still in the garage.

Should I leave the n1's in there as is and not bother with going back to stock cams or installing s&r's at this time? Really only looking for about 400hp reliably.

What would you all do for cams if installing this setup on a stock ve with a 400hp goal? Car will be tuned on an AEM ems and staying on stock intake manifold. Seems like I should hit my goal around 14-15 psi actually.

I can pick up a set of Supertechs if necessary but I am not seeing it being something I need unless I plan on revving the car out above 9K or so. Won't know it's exact powerband until we get it on the dyno.

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2014-02-12 09:01:21
I would guesstimate t3 and larger for N1 cams, but I'd be asking what cams Mike was running! As he was making a shitload of power and getting full boost crazy early!
2014-02-12 12:52:09
use SR16VE cams or P12 20V cams
2014-02-12 13:07:09
I myself would consider a .86 ar as a decent frame turbo anyways. T3's aren't always necessarily larger frame turbos, they come in all different shapes and sizes. Just the flanges are different. I don't have a whole lot of experience with the gt30 but I'm sure it compares to some of the t3 60's which have a fairly quick spool time around 3k. @snickers definitely has a valid point. With so much duration you could make some serious power with higher boost levels...hence the cam matching the turbo.

You'd probably make good power with the stock cams switching them over when the turbo spools.
2014-02-12 16:27:15
Mike @cortrim1 was running 20v cams I believe. Now I guess I am wondering if it would be worth it to pick up a set to use over the stock ve cams. And also how 16ve would do compared to the 20v on my setup inparticular. Did you have stock cams in originally Mike or did you swap to the 20v's right when you installed the t2 setup?

This is kind of a budget build to an extent, my VE is very healthy and has under 60k on it, so I'm really not looking to get into the motor at this point. Trying to keep the car from turning into another money pit. I also still want it to have daily driver capability but with just a lot more get up and go when I feel like having some fun in it. My goal here was immediate response and to hold great power until higher in the rpm band. Needed a turbo of this size and a well designed manifold to make that peak power til redline with quick spool time. Whatever my exact redline may be is still to be determined.

The n1 cams will sell all day of course, so I could put the stock cams back in and use that money towards finishing off the build. Or it could go towards a different set of cams. If anyone has some comparisons between stock ve and 20v or even the 16ve cams Miko mentioned on a similar framed turbo I would love to see them!
2014-02-12 20:42:11
Snickers advised me to run the p12 20v cams. I had n1's like you on my n/a motor. Those cams were pulled and sold when I boosted the motor. As miko stated sr16ve cams or p12 20v.
2014-02-12 21:37:21
Id try the n1s first then try the stock cams.. I highly regret selling my n1s
2014-02-12 22:02:40
Everything came in today Mike...the excitement is building now.

I like the idea of being able to sell the N1's to fund other parts of the build. I could always pick up another set down the road sometime if the motor gets built or the turbo gets upgraded. Like I said really not trying to go too over the top with this.

What I'd really like to see is a dyno comparison between stock cams/20v/16ve on a similar turbo to mine. Pretty sure Coheed did the comparisons a while back but on a larger turbo so doesn't seem like the info would really be as relevant.
2014-02-12 22:15:24
on that turbo / mani i would bet n1's would do better then stock, only 1 way to find out tho..
2014-02-12 22:21:00
Did you take off the vband flange adapter? It was zip tied to the waste gate flange. Tuning time is very expensive. I know the p12's work. I know the sr16's will work. I am not sure the n1's will work well.
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