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Thread: liners 17mm on the motor SR20

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2014-02-07 06:11:36
liners 17mm on the motor SR20
Hi all! Tell me how many forces will stand liners 17mm on the motor SR20
2014-02-07 09:19:33
Where you from brudah?
2014-02-07 13:42:44
I'm from Russia, I wanted to learn the connecting rod joints Bearings 17mm. calculated as HP
2014-02-07 13:56:14
Can you ask us in Russian? That might be easier to understand for some of us, or give us an opportunity to do our own translation.

We have two styles of rod bearings. 17mm for most of the engines, and 19mm for the GTi-R engine. Are you wondering how much power the 17mm rod bearings can take? They will handle upwards of 350 WTQ for some time. This usually translates to about 500 WHP or so in good builds. Over that and you might consider upgrading, but really, most people don't do that anyway, and usually something else breaks first.
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2014-02-07 14:13:03
@BenFenner my translation would probably be just as bad, when you know technical stuff in English only it makes it hard...
2014-02-07 14:14:50
Did you watch Wednesday night's Colbert Report? Pussy Riot was on.
2014-02-08 03:42:26
He wants to know how much HP standard 17mm rod bearings will take.

Which has already been answered.
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2014-02-08 06:00:57
Вадим Добрый день!! Я хотел узнать сколько л.с смогут выдержать вкладыши АСЛ шириной 17 мм? И подскажите какие лучше использовать вкладыши на мощность 700-800 л.с?
С Уважением Рушад
2014-02-09 05:56:35
Private Rushad, I'll keep it English so that other can chime in. I personally haven't dealt with rod bearings to know.

He's asking how much power ACP 17mm will be able to withhold, and what would be best to use for 700-800hp.
2014-02-10 18:56:44
Is it the actual bearings that end up failing at high torque? Or other components such as cap bolts stretching/snapping?
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