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Thread: Best ignition sistem for stock sr20ve+t and safe boost for the pistons and rods?

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2014-02-04 20:04:50
Ben, I commend you for taking the time to read through that post...............

@A.Dutsov , can you take the time to parse or breakup your posting(s) above (and subsequent postings form here) a bit?? It gives me a headache reading all of it in one breathe . It also makes it easier for all to read.
2014-02-04 20:06:41
Originally Posted by A.Dutsov
i have 3 engines sitting, just dont want to break them to find something you all already know ... will cost me too much money to find the limits by myself.
The main issues with the VE and taking boost are the weaker rods, and the higher compression ratio. Rod strength and boost-firendly compression ratio goes as follows: GTi-R > DET > DE > VE
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2014-02-04 20:11:38
Originally Posted by A.Dutsov
The turbo is holset hx35 with 12cm2 devided housing, on twin scroll even lenght manifold, with 3" downpipe.
That turbo is on the bigger end of what I would do. Just realize it is not going to take must boost from that turbo to start making serious torque, which will not be fun for those thinner rods.

I assume you picked that turbo because it was cheap as balls? I can't imagine any other reason?
Has Holset made any efficiency gains in the past decade, or are they still one or two generations behind Garrett and others?
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2014-02-04 20:15:44
The compression ratio is what i like in this engine, i hope the rods are not so weak. Sorry to mention honda again, but most of their engines are high compression, and most of them can handle good boost. Maybe will upgrade for gti-r rods some day, if needed. So DE rods and ve rods are same, VE head breath better, comp ratio is similar i think, or not so much different ... why you put DE before VE then? i think due to the better head design the VE i s less prone to detonations ... and VE makes more power from less boost in stock variant. Is the torque that bent rods, or mainly bad tune and detonations?
2014-02-04 20:21:38
This holset turbo has been better than garrets all the day. We puted alot holsets on sr20det and ca18det, also on rb25, all boosted earlier than garrets, all made more hp. The turbo is cheap yes, but my thinking about torque is a little bit different from my expirience. Turbos that spool later, make less torque down low. I can always get smaller turbo, but i think it will make too much torque earlier ... what i plan to do is leave the holset on 0.4 bar boost as beginning, and see how it handles it. maybe make some dyno tests to see actual torque and hp ... but from my expirience, smaller turbo makes more torque. For example we have sr20 here that uses evo9 turbo, spools like 1900rpm, and makes 350hp, and almost 600nm torque ... too much for the weaker rods what i think with the bigger turbo will be is torque near the hp .. for example 350 hp with less than 450nm torque
2014-02-04 20:23:52
there use to be alot of folks who thought you couldnt/shouldnt boost a stock ve, well in the last few years several people have done it with out any problems, however most of them are not making big power, most are still t2, maybe small t3..

hopefully @TRACKFORGED can answer some of these questions for us soon since he's got a BAD ASS setup in his car an the engines currently stock..
2014-02-04 20:26:27
A bad tune, over torque capacity, detonations can all cause bent rods and issues in ALL engines, not just our "below Honda standard" DE/VEs...........

The DE is a much simplier engine to make power out of and the rods are slightly stronger. The VE however, does have the benefit of added compression and are "somewhat" less prone to pinging. The RR head shares the same design feature as far as detonation control is concerned.

DE and VE rods are not the same last time I checked. VE head breathes loads better, but because of this, you need a fairly free flowing system to utilize the benefits (as has been mentioned before)
2014-02-04 20:28:58
@A.Dutsov ; I advise you to make your way over to the manifesto The questions you are asking (and WILL ask) will have most if not ALL your answers present in it's literature and makeup.
2014-02-04 21:24:30
Originally Posted by A.Dutsov
So DE rods and ve rods are same
No. I'm not sure where you got that idea. Read my post about it again. The DE rods are stronger than the VE rods.

Originally Posted by A.Dutsov
comp ratio is similar i think, or not so much different ... why you put DE before VE then?
The DE has a static compression ratio of 9.5:1 in most engines, and some EDM/JDM engines are rumored to be 10.0:1. The stock VE compression is reported to be 10.3:1 so it is significant enough of a difference to discuss.

Originally Posted by A.Dutsov
i think due to the better head design the VE i s less prone to detonations
All else being equal, this seems to be the popular theory.

Originally Posted by A.Dutsov
Is the torque that bent rods, or mainly bad tune and detonations?
I don't know what you're asking here. If the tune is done right, the torque will be what bends the rods. If the tune isn't right then detonation can and will bend/melt all sorts of shit. I'm not sure what you're asking?
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2014-02-04 23:40:10
I think if your going go drifting with the motor you should get some aftermarket eagle rods for the motor and upgraded valve springs.
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