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Thread: Sr20det+ve head swap

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2013-10-31 23:02:00
Sr20det+ve head swap
Hey guys, I've had my car running for awhile now it's jdm DE+T ( with DET internals) with t28. I'm garaging it this winter. I've been thinking of the head swap, here's my running list.

VE head
Mazworx head studs
VE oil pump

My main questions mostly refer to pistons. I know the VE pistons are valve recessed, I'm assuming with out VET pistons my valves will interfere with the DET pistons when n1 cams are applied. And I'm guessing that this we change my compression ratio. Does anyone know the ratio with DET pistons and VET pistons?

If anything I would want to keep the DET rods and assemble VET pistons onto them.

All in all it boils down to are the cams worth dropping money into pistons, I mean if I have my head off it is to damn easy to change the pistons so I do nt kick myself. In the ass.

What do you guys think, all in all it will be easy like Sunday morning to complete....
2013-10-31 23:20:54
There's a thread in here that talks about the compression ratios in regards to piston and head combos.
2013-10-31 23:26:39
Sr20det+ve head swap
K I'm guessing it's in the info library?

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2013-10-31 23:28:21
Sr20det+ve head swap
Anyone have input about cams and pistons?

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2013-10-31 23:42:40
i actually just torqued my head down today. i have a jdm de block flat top pistons with a 20ve head on. i used arp headstuds. not the ones from mazworx with the vet gasket. where is you oil filter located on the side or rear of the block and from what i have looked up. you can run 20ve and 16ve cams without interference but n1 are a no go on pistons without valve reliefs. if your oil filter is located on the side you will have to shave part of the intake manifold flange. a little less than a 1/4 inch where that hole is.
2013-11-01 00:06:58
Sr20det+ve head swap
On the side. Awesome. I appreciate the information, do you have a picture of your grinding by any chance??

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2013-11-01 00:07:21
Sr20det+ve head swap
Oh nvm that's easy

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2013-11-01 00:14:43
How's your manifold and turbine housing side? N1s have a lot of overlap for turbo.
2013-11-01 00:22:47
Sr20det+ve head swap
Stock gtir mani and stock gtir t28

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2013-11-01 00:36:01
Yeah I'm not the expert but I wouldn't try n1s without a tubular manifold and large t3 housing. Stock 20ve cams have less overlap and would perform better. Of course vet cams would be king.
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