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Thread: Been out of the loop for a second, need some opinions

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2014-03-19 14:41:11
Enthalpy has been around for a while, years. They are 240sx tuners and don't really play with fwd. you can get a Nemu stand alone for your fwd sr for the same price as a basic chipped enthalpy unit. Go with the nismotronic Nemu.....
2014-03-19 15:25:06
1) Stay the fuck away from JGY.

B) Enthalpy is extremely well known in the tuning arena. No issues there.

Three) I think the 2.2L guys are just bored out, not stroked? 2.3L guys are bored and stroked.

IV) Nismotronic/NEMU is the go-to daughterboard ECU solution now, and is comparable to a stand-alone in features and ease of use. Very good stuff.
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2014-03-19 18:15:23
ben, 2.3 can be just pistons too if ya bore to 92mm
2014-03-19 18:28:24
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty
ben, 2.3 can be just pistons too if ya bore to 92mm
I should have known.

Yah, not much stroking going on these days. Mostly bore.
2014-03-19 18:34:17
not a fan of the stroked engines myself, thats me tho.
2014-03-19 18:45:33
Hey Josh, thanks for helping Ben understand that.
2014-03-19 22:29:03
Originally Posted by Storm88000
Originally Posted by j3ff
Ordered a new charge pipe from jgy

Mistake #1

Mistake #2 is ordering anything from a company that needs to be custom made unless you can drop in and see it personally.. at least that goes for most places. Kspecracing jerked me around ordering a clutch from them, charged me right away and its 2 weeks later and now they say it will be here Thursday. If it's not I'm filing a chargeback dispute.

I honestly don't know how JGY stays in business. No one here really buys stuff from them. You guys prob don't remember but Jason (owner) used to talk shit on the SE-R mailing list back in the day all the time, fighting with everyone.

ANYWAYS.. about OP's question about the ECUs, as technology has gotten better.. it's gotten WAY more complicated. The days of just getting an ECU from JWT and popping it in are long gone. I'd be surprised if they sell more than 2 a month these days.

I think i am the only one who has not had a problem with them, guess I am lucky.
2014-03-19 22:29:56
Originally Posted by Mattick22
I think i am the only one who has not had a problem with them yet, guess I am lucky.
2014-03-19 22:44:23
LOL Cheers for that!
2014-03-19 23:39:44
Dude says they're behind, so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for the next week or so.

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