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Thread: Been out of the loop for a second, need some opinions

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2013-10-24 01:13:55
Been out of the loop for a second, need some opinions
So, i really haven't followed a lot of sr20 goings on, but apparently you guys are stroking to 2.2 and .3 nowadays, which is super cool. My questions are based around a basic bb t25 set up. The car has been sitting for a while, like, several years. Before, i was having issues with the ecu (jwt 4bar, t25bb, 370cc injectors, bored maf) and the fans. I had replace the cts, and the fans would still not come on, i ended up jumping the relay, but obviously that's not an acceptable solution. Has anyone seen something as simple as fan malfunction due to ecu's?

Secondly, i switched to a blow through maf set up, which seemed to work well, smoothed out my idle, even let me ride with a blown off ic pipe one night, no boost, of course, but still super reliable. Has anyone come across any issues running a blow through maf with these ecu's?

I noticed that calum is out of commission, which is a shame. So what's the deal with ecu's these days? i see some names floating around, and am not trying to avoid a search, but with these specific issues, is there anything i need to consider? I know map tuning is pretty standard with hondas, is anyo.e doing anything in that department? my technical knowledge is a good bit stronger than it was when i was messing around with sentras before.

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2013-10-24 01:19:26

Welcome Back. I hope you get your issues sorted out. I apologize but I cannot be of much help.
2013-10-24 01:25:59
Re: Been out of the loop for a second, need some opinions
I've got plenty of stuff to work on while i sort things out. I thing the flywheel is locked to the disc, the front core support needs to he replaced, along with wheel bearings. I gotta bleed the brakes (and paint the nx calipers i put on 5 years ago). Gotta replace the front windshield, remove more interior stuff, and find a new set of wheels. But really, i want to see the thing turn over, run, and the fans kick on like its supposed to, before i do anything else.

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2014-03-19 01:21:52
Ordered a new charge pipe from jgy, and they're jerking me around. I'd read some stories, but never had any problems before. 2.5 weeks and counting on a part that's not custom made, as far as I know. Its a b14 t25, they have the kit listed on their site. Fuck.

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2014-03-19 01:34:42
Originally Posted by j3ff
Ordered a new charge pipe from jgy

Mistake #1

Mistake #2 is ordering anything from a company that needs to be custom made unless you can drop in and see it personally.. at least that goes for most places. Kspecracing jerked me around ordering a clutch from them, charged me right away and its 2 weeks later and now they say it will be here Thursday. If it's not I'm filing a chargeback dispute.

I honestly don't know how JGY stays in business. No one here really buys stuff from them. You guys prob don't remember but Jason (owner) used to talk shit on the SE-R mailing list back in the day all the time, fighting with everyone.

ANYWAYS.. about OP's question about the ECUs, as technology has gotten better.. it's gotten WAY more complicated. The days of just getting an ECU from JWT and popping it in are long gone. I'd be surprised if they sell more than 2 a month these days.
2014-03-19 01:40:06
Yeah, I didn't realize it was a custom part, considering its a regular b14 t25 intercooler kit on the car, and they have the IC kit listed on their site. I'm just trying to simplify things and order a direct replacement for the part I hacked up.

I was talking to a dude with a 240 at a dyno day a couple of weeks ago, he was telling me about a company called RS Enthalpy that was doing cool stuff with ECU's. Anybody know anything about them? They seem to have good feedback.

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2014-03-19 02:10:16
Never heard of them.. are they new to the game?
2014-03-19 11:31:09
I hadn't heard of them either, but their website says they've been around since 01.

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2014-03-19 12:23:35
I have heard of RS Enthalpy before, never used them. I have seen the 240 guys local to me use them. Ever since I had @JKTUNING install a NEMU in my car, I am afraid nothing else short of a full standalone will suffice anymore.
2014-03-19 13:23:32
This weekend I'm going to install the new turbo so I'm ready for the charge pipe.

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