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Thread: Been out of the loop for a second, need some opinions

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2014-04-18 00:27:01
I bought a rebuilt t25 off this guy, everything looked straight, but I'm having some issues with oil and coolant lines lining up. I thought it was a regular u12 t25.

Observe the oil return in the block which has worked fine with 2 previous t25's

Now notice the oil drain orientation

What's the deal?

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2014-04-18 11:41:24
Move everything over to match? sorry I can't help betterbut you said "someone reply damnit"
2014-04-18 12:30:03
Cut the pipe with w hack saw or a dremel where I have it marked with a red line. What you have a is a universal turbo drain. The drain does not hold pressure so cutting it and clamping a rubber hose to it is perfectly fine.
2014-04-18 14:20:55
Yeah, that's what I ended up doing. I just gotta get a length of hose. Hopefully I can get this thing crunk up this weekend.

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2014-06-12 01:55:56
Okay, so I had a small hole in my radiator, so I've got another one on the way.
I've been reading about the maxima o2 sensor, and think I'm going to get one of those, as I'm not sure what kind of o2 sensor is on there now.
Which leads me to my next question. Are the JWT ECU's made to use regular DE sensors, like the o2, coolant temp, etc? I don't see why they wouldn't be, but I'm not sure with the JDM engine.

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2014-06-12 17:42:28
Wouldn't it just depend on what ecu the jwt daughter board was installed in?

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2014-06-12 22:02:24
I didn't think of it like that, but it makes sense. I'll look up the s/n on the ecu. The reason I ask is that I replaced the CTS, but the dash gauge pegs out, even though the scan tool shows the temp at around 190. Also, the fans aren't turning on, so I have them jumped out. I figure that's CTS as well.

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2014-06-12 22:06:13
The dash gauge is from the single wire temperature sensor next to the two pin ecu temperature sensor. If it's pegging, make sure the wire isn't broken. Also iirc stock the fans turn on 210 F ish 93 C.

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2014-06-12 22:16:01
Yeah, I've got it on the right pin, I'll check continuity.

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2014-06-13 01:55:31
I looked up the ecu. Its off of a 94 p10, MT, OBDII. was there anything funky going on with the sensors on a 94 with OBDII, since. It was right there around the time that they started changing over?

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