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Thread: Turbo Talk turbo build

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2013-10-11 13:51:19
Turbo Talk turbo build
Ok so im on the path to boost my VE. I know I want my power goals in the 400whp range, I was thinking as far as turbos I should be good with a gtx3071 or what ever it is. But few people are telling me there are better turbos for less money and capable of more power. My thing is I am not interested In Much more than 400whp. Do u guys think there is a better(bigger smaller more or less expensive)turbo out there to suite my needs or is the gtx3071 the turbo to put me where I want to be.
2013-10-11 21:01:24
depends on boost level, manifold, tuning, ect..
2013-10-11 23:13:03
made over 400whp on a non gtx 3071r. its a good turbo but I do have a larger setup that am putting together.
2013-10-11 23:21:03
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty
depends on boost level, manifold, tuning, ect..


There are many options, especially if you're doing a custom manifold.

An old favorite, which can be found by searching, is S4 cams and a GT2871R
2013-10-12 02:54:09
For now the intake manifold will stay stock. The actual turbo manifold will have to be custom. I dont want to kill the turbo and hav3 to run full boost to have to achieve my goals. What would be sufficient boost levels for my goals.

Just assume the motor is stock anything upgraded later ill consider bonus...
2013-10-12 03:11:52
i meant the turbo manifold, not so much intake :P

im not sure man, 20psi? idk.. id def be thinkin about some water meth or race fuel for that much boost on a stock ve tho.. but who knows..
2013-10-12 05:06:55
e85 and high boost
2013-10-12 05:30:31
a PTE 5862 should make 400whp on about 13-14 psi.
2013-10-12 10:23:50
So a ram horn style mani external wg 740 or larger injectors most likely a bigger than stock cam (sr16 non n1) 8cwc girdle aftermarket pistons/rods. All mated with a gt or gtx3071r
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