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Thread: VET starting issue.

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2013-09-07 20:30:21
VET starting issue.
Everything is connected properly, I haw an issue with the starter lining up with the flywheel (teeth wise), when I turn it over it sounds like the starter isn't is being forced into the flywheel & jamming. I was having an issue prior to this issue with the plugs, they're weren't sparking, I found out a wire from the distributor ground had been torn out of the harness, I replaced the harness from a local scrap yard, I went to turn it over & it would just crank over, no start, figured out the alarm wire wasn't connected and it wasn't allowing it to start, fixed that problem. Turned it over again and it seemed like the starter wasn't getting enough juice, took it of and brung in my usdm starter & jdm starter to autozone & got them tested, both were correct, I figured the starter was ony working at autozone cause there was no resistance, after some research I made the jdm work and applied it to the motor, it started on the 3rd cylinder only!, i came up with that assumption after pulling the plugs, put the plugs back in &that's when it started to sound like the starter wasn't connecting with the flywheel, took of the starter and looked at the flywheel, my theory was right, the starter won't connect. You can see where it wasn't on the flywheel by looking through the starter hole on the back of the motor. I put my usdm starter back on & it's doing the same thing still, any ideas? I've replaced the distributor cap, the dizzy ground box thingy that connects to the main harness (93 b13 btw), & I have out t old spark plugs in, still sounding like te starter won't line up, remember now, it was connecting fine before I pulled it off previously... I'm stumped.
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