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Thread: So i have an idea for an intercooler set up

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2013-09-07 02:04:22
So i have an idea for an intercooler set up
So im going for the sleeper look/dont want to cut up the front bumper of my NX. I looked into doing a water to air set up, but after some research i decided there would be to much heat soak it i do any track days.

For right now it is going to be a t25 set up and hoping for a larger t2 turbo down the road.

My idea is to do a 1/2 radiator and then put a large side mount intercooler beside it with a slim fan on it. I have seen a set up like this on older international trucks. Im not sure if i would get enough air flow with the small mouth of the NX bumper. One advantage i did see is the IC piping would be much shorter

Here is an ebay one to give you an idea of what i had in mind

89 95 MR2 SW20 3SGTE Celica GT 4 Side Mount Aluminum Turbo Intercooler Upgrade | eBay

I was hoping to get some opinions on my idea.
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2013-09-07 03:00:38
So i have an idea for an intercooler set up
That setup will be just fine. I ran a greddy t517z on 9psi with no intercooler, and water methanol. It is perfectly fine.
2013-09-07 03:11:11
Save yourself the time and money and get a decent sized fmic. More than likely you will upgrade from that t25 and will have heat soak issues. Measure twice cut once. The corners you cut now will haunt you later. My 2€.
2013-09-07 05:28:46
Don't do it dude. especially if its a dd car . if it was on a b13 is say God for it but not on an nx. its just asking for cooling system issues
2013-09-07 16:10:23
You can use a hole saw to cut metal from the body on the sides of the radiator and do a nice setup but I would be thinking bigger radiator not smaller for any NX. Its almost mandatory for a turbo NX setup.
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2013-09-07 17:20:11
Get the fmic. Btw a w2a ic would be better, only actual visbile part will be heat exchanger, even on track days. With the water to air the heat exchanger is vital as well as the pump.

But for the best bang for the buck get a fmic.
2013-09-07 19:35:54
Originally Posted by Agent
The corners you cut now will haunt you later. My 2€.

This^ I tried the budget way and ended up replacing nearly everything with brand new parts.

Just save your money, and do it right the first time around make the power you want and be done.
2013-09-07 19:40:09
Thanks for all the input, after reading all your replies and spending the morning the the garage looking at the car i agree it was a bad idea.....just wont be enough air flow to either. Glad i posted before building the whole set up

I do like Benito Malito's idea of running the pipes between the radiator and the frame. Just need to find a intercooler short enough. Looks like one made for an Audi A4 might work pretty good
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2013-09-07 23:35:24
eBay would be my first stop for that. There is usually a wide variety of sizes I would be surprised if they don't have one that will fit.
2013-09-08 00:14:31
are you keeping ac?
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