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Thread: New engine swap and plans...

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2008-09-01 06:37:04
I guess I ought to update this... It's taken me a little more time than I wanted, primarily due to the fact that shipping a motor to Wyoming is a huge pain in the Arse. It took months to work out. However, I have the motor and I'm working on getting her back together. I'm waiting on a few last minute things to freshen up hoses and seals etc., but here's the setup:
Z32 (keeping the blow thru setup)
Nismo 740's
Disco potato
Precision FMIC
GReddy Type RS BOV
GReddy Profec B spec 2 EBC
GReddy turbo timer
Calum Realtime ECU
Zeitronix ZT-2 w/52mm gauge
Koyo rad
Meziere EWP
single pusher fan
eliminated AC and PS
ACT XTreme plate and 6 puck sprung disc
MSD Digital 6 w/Blaster SS coil (not sure if I'll use the Digital 6 right away, maybe not at all...)
GReddy oil catch can
Hood struts from the GB
Trying to talk Brent into selling me his CF Trunk!!

If anyone has a pic of the Meziere kit installed, I'd love to see it. I'm just not seeing how it can possibly sit... it appears that it is supposed to mount to the trans with two block bolts... anyone?

I'm sure there's more, but I can't think of it right now... Here are a couple of pics, hopefully the motor will be resting in the car within the next couple weeks, and I'm shooting for driving it before the snow flies (that's mid october for anyone who's not familiar with WY...)

H2O blockoff:

goodies awaiting install:

forgot to add the I'm freshening the brakes with Goodridge SS lines and Axxis Ultimate pads, also added a B&M short shifter and ES shifter bushing. I have a couple of megan racing gauges but I think I'll swap them out before long with something more reliable, as I'll need better monitoring of the water temp, oil press, etc. I'll have like 3 boost readings, so I'm ditching my boost gauge, it was always a pound off anyway. Any suggestions on good gauges that don't take a central controller?
2008-09-01 07:01:38
still gonna be slow...
2008-09-02 01:52:35
Originally Posted by Hybrid_DET
still gonna be slow...

That's messed up man Looking good Dr.
2008-09-02 02:22:28
Looking good, I'll get the mounts down this weekend. i totally forgot this weekend, sorry.
2008-09-02 05:19:14
Originally Posted by Benito
That's messed up man Looking good Dr.

Nah, you gotta know Mike. If I was driving a freakin Enzo he'd call me slow. He'd call you slow too, and probably will in his next post...

Edit: Nobody has pics of the meziere installed? Brent?
2008-09-02 13:39:50
Originally Posted by dr.fowler
Nah, you gotta know Mike. If I was driving a freakin Enzo he'd call me slow. He'd call you slow too, and probably will in his next post...

Edit: Nobody has pics of the meziere installed? Brent?

I know. That was funny.
2008-09-03 02:25:18
You are all slow
2008-09-03 06:43:32
and so it begins...

Brent, any pics of the meziere installed?
2008-09-03 09:10:54
Originally Posted by trblsme2k2

I hardly ever post, but I just wanted to give you props on your car. It's looks nice and simple and it seems you have done your research and chose your parts wisely. Good luck on this revamp

Dude, seriously...STOP. Every thread I open has you telling somebody their setup is great and they will make 400whp easy like you did.

NO SR20 motor will EVER make 400whp AND 400wtq. Torque is a function of displacement whether you like it or not, our cars are 2 litres, not some LS1, yes you could hit 400wtq, but somewhere closer to 500whp.

Either post a dyno sheet, or stop guestimating...

maybe his torque was calculated in nm.........not lb's cause it does seam high
2008-09-03 14:11:56
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