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Thread: ve-t spun bearing

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2013-08-19 06:07:50
ve-t spun bearing
So I finished boosting my 92 classic. Bought a fresh/used ve from soken and threw it on a stand. Tapped it and got it ready for the turbo setup. I was running jktuned, 565cc inj, n60 maf, gtir t28 on stock psi. The motor did reallu well until a couple months later when I was taking my dad for a drive and it spun a bearing on rod 4. I finally got it taken apart and its pretty nasty. The bearings wont separate from the rod and the other half wont come off the crank. So as ive read before people running the sr20de crank in the ve for a shorter stroke. Anyone have any input on running a de crank with ACL bearings and sr20det pistons?
2013-08-19 06:31:54
there is no difference in stroke between the ve and de crank brotha.. sorry to hear that happend.. you might want to look into why it happend though..

if anything, i'd keep the ve pistons cause they're notched for the valves already.. but i see no harm in putting de/det crank an rods in with new bearings.. but i'd douche that block big time.
2013-08-19 06:52:44
Its alright man, sucks but now lets just make something more out of it hopefully! Thanks alot lynch, well I think the 4th rod is messed up so maybe get one rod. But I can get det setup on a friendly budget and those will hold up more right?
2013-08-19 07:03:17
yeah u can get away with alot more with a det, but imo not the same power off the bat like the ve..

a DE would be ok too!
2013-08-19 07:09:58
Hmmm ill look around for now and see what I can do about this! Do you think the crank would be okay if its a little roughed up? Not chunked out, but a little rough. And maybe I can smooth it down
2013-08-19 07:15:12
you could get a crank from the junkyard probably in better condition..
2013-08-19 08:57:04
I have two spare de's
2013-08-19 09:38:40
You could also just put the ve head on a de block, it requires a little modification and you'd be limited to stock cams to be safe but it'd be similar to what u have now..
2013-08-19 11:32:18
I would just use a de crank. You will need to use the de upper and lower oil pans if you use the girdle. De and ve rods are the same.
2013-08-19 11:51:39
Do I have to use the girdle? Also I've heard its a pain to do cranks, is that true? Or is it just out and in type of thing torqued down correctly
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