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Thread: Opinions on this manifold for VE-T

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2013-08-12 23:04:52
Opinions on this manifold for VE-T
Real simple fellas, please share your hypothesis on whether or not this manifold will work for my ve-t application. Currently Im running my ve-t set up using a log manifold and a 50 trim turbo. The car made 280whp on low cams but when VVL was engaged it bogged to shit. Based off what I have been told and have read this is due to the less than optimal flow characteristics of said log manifold. Solution would be to get a turbo with a larger back housing than I currently have (at least .60) or go with a tubular ram-horn style manifold. My dilemma is the cost of some of these products; I do not wish to pay the "going rate" and therefore must become innovative in the pursuit of my desired outcome.
I know this is for a rwd sr20 but it fits without modifying my radiator or support an any way. The down pipe will have to be reworked but I have a very good exhuast guy in wildwood, lastly this would be the cheapest route for me. As far as flow characteristics in your opinion will this work. Tell me what you think sr20 forum.

2013-08-12 23:40:05

Get the proper size turbo and inter cooler setup your car will make more power. That puny turbo and I/c is more suited for a 1.6 ga16de.
2013-08-13 00:05:02
60trim with an .82 ar single scroll preffered or atleast a .63ar single scroll with the log mani works fineht. And put a much bigger intercooler like was discussed last time. You will save yourself time, headqches and cash.

Just to put it into perspective, my turbo 1.6 ga16de turbo was running a 50trim with a .48 backhousing, car ran fine turbo was perfect for a dd. It was not big enough for me and i was going to upgrade to a57trim .63 ar.

A VE has over twice the airflow in cfm over a ga16de.
2013-08-13 00:35:19
will make decent power probably but wastegate placement is awful.
2013-08-13 00:57:47
Bro since the last time we dynoed I upgraded to this inter cooler and this turbo.

Borg Warner T3 T4 T04B turbocharger 96A R Turbine Housing | eBay
2013-08-13 00:59:38
what you have now is fine and what are you tuning with? I see more problems than just your manifold choice
2013-08-13 01:06:50
That intercooler is perfect!

Looks like the same size of the one i used to own. I actually had it tucked behind the grill to get some decent clearance. You will not have any heT issues there.
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2013-08-13 01:10:47
@morgans432 I have a jimwolf ecu and safc. please elaborate on problems you see. I want to avoid future problems.
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2013-08-13 01:27:04
the jimwolf is one of the problems I see
2013-08-13 01:36:34
@morgans432 the turbo is a 50trim with a .48backhousing on a ve motor.

The turbo in the link is a t4 flange and a .96 ar kinda big. Front wheel is 54mm, very small. That turbo will be relatively laggy, require a t4 flange and not produce much power unless under a considerable amount of boost with that small front wheel. Not a good choice, I would definitely not buy it.
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