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Thread: Blckse-r has boost again!!

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2013-07-30 17:58:13
Blckse-r has boost again!!
Okay, finished up my I/c pipes today and ran car under boost for the first time. Ran like a champ. I loved it. I haven't been boosted since 07 and wonder why I ever got out of it. Car is running the w11's stock boost of 9psi and it just rips. Love it. I don't think the clutch I have will hold too much more boost for now, but I am pretty happy. I got a lot of it buttoned up quick so I need to go back in and finish up some things but man it was a fun lil ride.

I need to fix hot side I/c pipes, rubbing radiator a bit. I may replace the fuel rubber lines I used for the water lines for turbo, they seemed pretty weak after all warmed up and running around. Also, could hear the water flowing in the lines after I shut car down, should I be concerned with this??? Does this mean there is bubbles in my cooling system???

Other then those issues, I am super happy with it.

Anyway, on to some pics of right after finishing up today:

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2013-07-30 17:59:33
Oh yea, I need a smaller battery too, lol. That one isn't even tied down and is HUGE!!!

AND... I get fluttering between shifts, that means I need to lighten up my bov right, b/c it is too tight??? It is a greddy type RS. It has been awhile for me in the turbo world.
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2013-07-30 18:13:11
One other weird issue I noticed as well. When sitting in garage with car idling. When I would push brakes, the vacuum would drop to like 16-17 from 19. Then if I would pump the brakes it would start to drop even more. I didn't keep going to see how far it would drop, but does this seem normal to anyone. I used the charcoal canister for bov and tee'd into fpr for boost gauge. And tapped the housing of turbo for wastegate. Dunno, just thought it was weird, sorry I am excited and wanna fix everything right away but have no time today anymore, lol.
2013-07-30 20:55:50
I would say that the vacuum drop is most likely from the brake booster. Congrats on the quick build. Hope all gets sorted out
2013-07-30 21:12:55
Recirc that bov and take that dumb filter off your vc an run it to the intake pre tutbo
2013-07-31 11:44:30
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty
Recirc that bov and take that dumb filter off your vc an run it to the intake pre tutbo

Bov is recirc. And the filter was just a quick thing to get car up and running. I was actually planning a catch can so I don't send crap into intake tract and turbo.

I am working on it, I also need a smaller battery, that one is just sitting there and doesn't fit. Don't worry, I will get it done here.
2013-07-31 14:43:09
Bumper is on, all is good, just exhaust seems to be rattling into something, need to secure it.

o yea, carbon hood comes today!!!

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2013-08-09 19:35:42
Glad to see it's doing well....

I'm sure it brings back some memories for @Boostlee as well.
2013-08-09 19:41:49
Originally Posted by Naghebe
Glad to see it's doing well....

I'm sure it brings back some memories for @Boostlee as well.

You should have came up to see it on our Dyno day!
2013-09-11 14:47:33
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