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Thread: Rear Main Seal Repairable?!

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2013-07-28 02:51:56
Rear Main Seal Repairable?!
So I drilled tapped the block this wknd, but missed the two 10mm bolts by the flywheel. I didn't realize there was an access panel that hid them! That cracked a piece of what was holding them.

Well here are the pictures

What are my options? Do I weld it? Is it safe to put back and with sealant and not leak?
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2013-07-28 02:56:19
Um...I hate to be the bearer of bad news...

You might want to invest in some JB Weld and see if you can salvage that until you find another block.
2013-07-28 03:14:57
Pray to god it works, my only vehicle ;(
2013-07-28 03:26:41
Its the rear seal housing and can be changed but ya gotta pull the tranny and everything off..... a pita especially with all the other stuff off but deff doable..... maybe someone can chime in and say weather u can put it on after the upper pan is on but im guessing no or that it atleast would be a bad idea
2013-07-28 03:29:39
Actually..... u already have the.crossmember.and.everything off...shouldnt be too bad to pull the tranny just a little more messy. i.think i got.a spare housing kickin around you can have unless someone closer can hook u up faster
2013-07-28 03:48:44
Use an engine cross brace to support the engine or a cherry picker - pull the trans - replace the part. Use a new Nissan rear main seal 12279-18V00. If you need the piece that holds the seal that broke get 12297-53J00.

I have plenty of spares that you can have for free, but I'm in SoCal.

When you put it all back together according to the FSM.

Do it once - Do it right. You will only get out of it what you put in.
2013-07-28 05:02:09
I just want to thank you all so much. I never expected this but when shit happens I know I could rely on this community.
2013-07-28 10:49:38
See if you can borrow a Engine support bar that holds the motor in place then you can do your thing.
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2013-07-28 11:37:35
Yes, sometimes we all make mistakes. God knows I have. But then you gotta just look at the situation and take your time to get it right after the problem and get it right second time around. Good luck.
2013-07-30 00:46:33
Its just a rear main seal housing. Put a wanted ad on the forum and im sure someone has one that they can send you. Not a big deal other than pulling the trans off. Do not weld that or use jb weld. Waste of time. Get another housing and seal and call it good.
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