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Thread: fwd cheap manifold

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2013-07-19 23:42:47
fwd cheap manifold
HI guys does anyone have experience with this manifold, looking for a AC compatible T4 solution for my gtir

SR20 2.0L SENTRA / INFINITY / NSX MOTORS 1991 - 2001 Nissan Turbo Manifolds, XS Power Inc.
2013-07-20 00:35:43
Not bad. Buy it and lmk how it works lol
2013-07-20 01:00:01
Cracks and bad placement. If you want t4 power, spend t4 $$.
2013-07-20 01:28:22
with regards to the placement what issues do u foresee ?
2013-07-20 01:32:11
Cheap and Turbo do not belong in the same sentence.
2013-07-20 02:28:29
Thats for a 240sx anyways dude horrible fitment in a fwd sr20
2013-07-20 02:42:51
Take note this manifold is bottom mounted, the top mount version of it that is labelled rwd we simply cut the turbo flange made it parallel to the head flange and re-welded all the welds, and it is on a gtir with a 3071 doing the job for the past 3 years no hiccups with stock radiator and AC. I am more interested in hearing about fitment issues and if anybody has tried with it already, i agree that you get what you pay for.
2013-07-20 06:48:08
For top mount to give room to clear the ac you'll need to find a manifold that puts the flange in between runners 3 and 4. There just isn't enough room to have the down pipe turn and be able to clear the ac when it's mounted smack in the middle like that.
2013-07-20 22:36:27
The other one like the super sr20det and the other sr20 one might work from the looks of it. It kinda looks like it's on the 3/4 runner but I'm not sure how close it would b to the dizzy and upper hose
2013-07-20 22:58:25
The fact they say NSX and not NX... is a clue
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