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Thread: building my RR

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2013-07-18 16:25:35
building my RR
So ive had nothing but issues with the past 2 RR motors in my vehicle, ive always planned on boosting my car with a gtir t28. I have the setup already, injectors, EMU, piping, intercooler the works sitting in the garage.

im at the point where I want to build a motor but am looking for some advice since I hardly have time to do extensive research on the matter.

I was thinking. Ve crank, acl bearings, cp pistons, Manley rods, slapping my clean as RR head after getting it leak tested, Tomei cams and calling it a day. im going to try and start breaking down the donor block this weekend.

my questions is, would I be better off having my EMU tuned? I already have a tuner that said he could use this but I know there are other options if I use a step down harness since im running a OBD2 32bit ecu that came in my p11.

should I have the stock VE crank machined to make sure the ACL bearing are properly fitted?
I can have the crank machined for about 140$ locally.

and what compression would best fit my set up, 9.0:1 or 8.5:1 pistons?

thank you guys for any help, im really looking forward to getting this done.
2013-07-18 16:46:46
Why do you want a VE crank when a RR shares the same crank as a VE? (both are 4 counterweight cranks)

Change the valve springs for safetys sake
2013-07-18 16:50:28
im doing the VE crank because both of my motors threw a rod bearing and if I machined the cranks one rod would be running a thicker gauge bearing.
the VE crank is the same which is why im using it, im getting it donated by a friend in LA for my build. should have it at home by tommorow
2013-07-18 16:51:35
if I do valve springs, it would be worth the extra money to do valves and everything else too would it?
2013-07-18 16:55:47
If you are boosting it, I would just change valve springs and go to town.
2013-07-18 17:11:21
il check price differences might be worth it to do valves as well
2013-07-18 17:14:26
If you change valves, you need to have the head machined for them so they seal correctly when the cylinder is fired. If something is not broke, why fix it? Unless you have a "zero fucks given" mentality towards price for your build.
2013-07-18 18:46:32
well originally I was in the 3k price range...so after the block I already have, the pistons,rods, machine work on crank, fluids, acl bearings,and manly rods il be in a bit over a grand. whats another few hundred compared to the original 3k I was willing to spend.
2013-07-18 20:03:23
i would put money in tires, turbos love tires
2013-07-18 20:06:47
Originally Posted by bmexicang
my questions is, would I be better off having my EMU tuned?

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