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Thread: What BOV do I have??

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2013-07-17 15:14:38
What BOV do I have??
Okay, this was supposed to be a stock aveinir bov on the stock bov pipe. Now I am just seeing what you guys think. I see the mistus sign on the side with the number that is on 1g dsm bovs, but it is stamped Nissan on top with a couple numbers. Just confused and would like to know if anyone is sure of what it is. I also remember the flange being smaller then this one seems to be, but was a long time ago. pics

2013-07-17 15:21:07
I have a feeling Nissan, Mitsu (and probably countless others around that time) more than likely use the same manufacturer for thier BOV

Now, with that said, the 1st GEN Metal BOV from Mitsubishi is actually not a bad piece and good up to 15psi uncrushed and close to 20psi crushed
2013-07-17 15:21:32
Originally Posted by blckse-r
Okay, this was supposed to be a stock aveinir bov on the stock bov pipe.

correct bov
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2013-07-17 15:49:23
but this piece is not comparable to the 1g dsm it is modeled after, correct??

or what I really mean is, is this the exact same bov that would come on the 1g dsm, or is Nissan's version different. b/c the 1g dsm bov is what I was looking for in first place.
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2013-07-17 16:33:42
aveinir bov
2013-07-17 17:21:18
Okay, everyone agrees it is def an aveinir bov. But sharing the 1g dsm numbers and all, does it perform like the 1g dsm bov which is said to be good to 18-20psi uncrushed?

I just wanna know, b/c I may have a good deal on a greddy type s or rs locally, thanks for help guys.
2013-07-17 17:23:48
14483-1E010 SR20DET BOV/Re-Circ Valve
The part 14483-1E010 was originally on the following vehicles:

U13 SR20DET 09/1991~END
W10 SR20DET 08/1995~10/1997

It shares that same flange gasket as the Mitsubishi one
2013-07-17 18:39:46
Yes same thing as the 1g Dsm
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