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Thread: RWD mani pics

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2013-07-09 22:50:17
I DO NOT SUGGEST THIS AT ALL. GO FWD ON A FWD OR GO HOME. I have a rwd setup on my fwd and its a pain in the ass to be honest. can it be made to work yes but without cutting for you i wouldnt know. didnt have to cut anything on my nx but ended up cutting the rad support. have pics in my build thread lol.
2013-07-10 01:16:58

I win for cleanest rwd setup.

rwd tubular manifold, t25 and later went t28, if you mount it like it would be on a rwd it will clear the radiator no problem. Only issue is the dogbone mount with the exhaust downpipe, if you get a CS dogbone mount or make your own there is no issues. I just dumped the exhaust at the bottom of the 3" greddy downpipe. Setup ran awesome, fit a full size radiator and slim fans and i ran this type of setup for over two years of daily driving.
2013-07-10 04:54:24
I'd have to say, that is a definite win.
2013-07-10 08:51:47
just buy a log they can be had fwd for 200 bucks. If you can weld maxwox sells a DIY kit for 120$. thats cheap. And when you grab your balls and decide to go t3 just lop off the old flange and replace it with a t3 one.

good luck. research, don't do it the hard way. It sucks doing it the hard way.
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2013-07-10 11:58:15
I'd say get a bigger t2 and get a Gti-R and call it a day. 400+whp on a fwd car is plenty, plus the fact that the 400whp will be had quicker on a t2 with a Gti-R than a t3 log. I would never suggest a t2 log, ever. Makes no sense. If you want to go t3 in the future, sell the manifold you have and get a t3 log.
2013-07-11 00:32:16
Only reason I went rwd setup was because I got the entire turbo, manifold, downpipe, injectors, and wastegate from a buddy for building a motor for him. So I said screw it. It worked well, ran hard as hell and didnt have any problems related to it being rwd other than no full exhaust. But ive never had full exhaust.
2013-07-11 06:19:49
Maybe there should be a new catch phrase, "if you've got to do it, do it like Ashton"
2013-07-11 15:42:14
^^ nothing new there! you have to give it to him, at least he gets it done!
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