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Thread: T25 Dp Filament Suggestions

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2013-07-03 01:57:58
DP filament is my favorite type of porn.
2013-07-03 02:57:15
Double Penetration FTW
2013-07-16 19:36:41

Just wanted to update you guys. So i decided to send it back last week. In the box I included a little write up on how it wasnt fitting along with some pictures of different angles and circled the flex pipe where it was touching. Well it arrived yesterday and I got an email today saying that they put it on the jig and it lined up perfectly but with the pictures i supplied they are going to make me a new one moving the flex about 1/2 inch over so it will clear and send it out to me today or tomorrow.

Fingers crossed that the new ones fits without issue, but if there is one i'll most likely just see if I can find a local shop to fix it up for me. I will say though because of the support when I have the funds for a 3in cat back, I know where i'll be getting it from.
2013-07-16 19:44:36
dude, your gonna have issues with the exhaust, if u do get it from em, get the piping kit an just take it to a shop to have made fit right, trust me.

either their jigs off (but more people would have issues) or your cars been tweaked some how..

i am glad they are going to fix it for ya tho!
2013-07-16 20:18:32
Yea, maybe ill just do that. Developing a rapport with the local Meineke from having some small stuff done. Like my old dp guy welded one of their bungs in it for me for $20, off the books style. Seem to do decent work so maybe i'll just go piping kit. They dont come with mufflers tho correct? Might just reuse this Meagan Racing one thats on there since its got a nice deep tone, but I digress. First things first, compression test becuz a new engine will def push everything else even further back on those already back burners lol.
2013-07-16 20:22:49
stop talkin about it an do it
2013-07-16 20:30:58
Piping kit is a horrible idea for you Speedo. Catback kit would be best. Lynch you still dont know what your talking about...
2013-07-16 20:56:03
i bet $1 that he wont like the way it fits..
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